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what to wear to top golf

What To Wear To Top Golf

Topgolf is all the rage these days. It manages to make playing golf so much more accessible, even for those of us who, TBH, probably never would’ve otherwise tried the sport. Whether you’re a baddie with impressive athletic ability, or a hottie who prefers to root from behind the ropes, Topgolf is for you. You’re going to have fun at Topgolf – here’s how to look good doing it.

If you’ve never heard of Topgolf, think of it like an elevated, modern driving range. Topgolf definitely offers a unique golfing experience that is perfect for get-togethers with your besties or fun date nights. It involves the best part of the sport and only that part.

This means you don’t have to walk or drive across a golf course to get from one hole to the next. Instead, you stand in one spot and swing at balls to your heart’s content. Or, you can just as easily sit and watch your besties or beaus swing while you sip cocktails. Sounds amazing, right? 

If you’re wondering what to wear to Topgolf, don’t worry babe, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a round up of our FAV American-made items and the hottest, most practical outfit ideas for your visit to Topgolf.

what to wear to top golf

What To Wear To Top Golf To Have Fun & Look Good Doing It

Collared Shirts

There’s no dress code at Topgolf. That said, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look the part! Pretty much ALL standard golf outfits include a collared shirt. Even if the stereotypical, preppy golfer look definitely isn’t your usual style, why not go all in with a little dress-up? 

If you really want to look like you frequent the local country clubs, we recommend a crisp, collared shirt. Polos and collared shirts, especially sleeveless ones, are all the rage among preppy golf babes. 

Tees (Long Sleeve & Short Sleeve)

For a more casual look, you can’t go wrong with a tee. You probably already have several in your closet.  Long sleeve and short sleeve tees are super versatile. Style a tee with literally anything and you’ll look HOTT!! 

That said, if you plan on taking a few swings, we recommend sticking with a more fitted tee or tank top. You don’t want a bunch of fabric getting in the way as you try to impress your date!! There are some of the trendiest American-made athleisure tops worth checking out. 


Admittedly, the edgy skirts we’re used to wearing don’t exactly make suitable golf attire. Don’t get us wrong, they look GORG, but how are we supposed to hit balls in them? Exactly!!

Sooo, our solution was simple. Skirts that allow for more movement, but that still look totally hot. Surprisingly, not all tennis skirts and golf skirts are as preppy as you might think. 

Even the skirts that would definitely be included in a stereotypical golf outfit totally fit the vibe we’re going for when they’re styled with the right top and shoes. Really though… why not try something new? If you’ve never worn a skirt or skort, there’s no better time than now to try it!


We’ve lost count of the number of dresses in our closet. But, can you blame us? There are so many different styles of dresses, you can’t have just one! It’s this exact reason why dresses are included in several of our favorite Topgolf outfit ideas below. 


Jeans, joggers, leggings, trousers… yet again, the options are endless. You can even wear sweatpants if you want… there’s no dress code, remember? Plus, there are a ton of made in America sweatpants that would be PERF for a casual night at Topgolf. Whatever makes you feel fab, GO WITH IT!


Whether you plan to actually golf or not, you don’t have to wear golf shoes at Topgolf. In fact, you can pretty much wear whatever shoes you want. The only rule at Topgolf regarding footwear is that you cannot go barefoot. 

That said, if you do want to take a few swings yourself, you should probably consider comfy, closed-toe footwear. You can’t go wrong with a pair of classic sneakers!!

Jackets Or Sweatshirt

Most Topgolf locations have a ton of All-Weather Bays, which means Topgolf in winter is just as fun as it is during the summer! Of course, you’ll need to adjust your outfit to accommodate the cooler temperatures. 

Rather than piling on a ton of layers that would definitely impair your golf swing, simply throw on a jacket or sweatshirt. The All-Weather Bays will protect you from the harshest weather, so you really only need one extra layer. Plus, you can easily style your ‘fit around your go-to jacket or sweatshirt. 

what to wear to top golf

10 Top Golf Outfits

Date Night At Topgolf Outfit

Spending a couple hours at Topgolf is such a great date idea. But, especially if you’ve never been, you might be wondering what in the world to wear to Topgolf date? This outfit is PERF for the occasion, as it will ensure you’re on your “A” game!!

This black pullover gives off the effortless chic vibes we LOVE, but it isn’t so baggy that it will get in the way. We styled the sweater with faux leather leggings and Chelsea boots to create a look that will make you look GORG, but not like you’re trying too hard… YAS GIRL!!!

Edgy Topgolf Outfit

OOOH we LOVE LOVE everything edgy. This outfit is a great way to show off your signature edgy baddie style in a way that wouldn’t stand out like a sore thumb at Topgolf. Cutoff denim shorts, a graphic tee, and lace-up boots is such a timeless look. TBH, we would totally wear this every day if we could.

Casual Topgolf Outfit

OK so your girls just called you and were like “HEY! We’re going to Topgolf! Meet us there in 40!” 

DON’T PANIC! You can just as easily show up in leggings, a hoodie, and sneakers and have the time of your life. Seriously!!! You don’t have to spend hours getting ready. There are a ton of hoodies made in the USA that would look flawless on you. Throw on some mascara, embrace your fresh face, and go have a blast!! 

Comfy Cool Topgolf Outfit

Here’s another one of our fav comfy ‘fits, perfect for hitting the green. A hoodie dress is the combination of two currently trendy things: a comfy hoodie and a cool dress. Come on… it doesn’t get much better than that! The biker shorts are perfect to wear underneath a dress when you know you’re going to be bending over or squatting down a bunch. 

Sneakers pull the whole look together. Plus, they give you enough grip to really give that ball a whack!!

Laid Back Chic Topgolf Outfit

TBH, this is a pretty typical, everyday outfit for us. But that’s sort-of the point. If you’re pressed for time or just don’t feel like putting in the effort today, we get it. Sometimes showing up is all that matters. 

This outfit is proof that you don’t need to put on something special to have a good time at Topgolf. An easy hole-in-one. Wear your favorite pair of jeans, a solid tee, and your fav pair of boots. You do YOU, babe. 

Preppy Topgolf Outfit

On the other hand… Remember when we mentioned playing dress up? Here’s your chance, babe!!! If you really want to GO FOR IT and look the part, this preppy Topgolf outfit is LEGIT. A crisp white polo shirt dress and the most classic sneakers? Check! An American-made visor? Check!! 

Come on!!! It doesn’t get any “golfier” than this. Is “golfier” a word? We’re gonna go with it. 

Modern Relaxed Topgolf Outfit

Faux leather instantly elevates any piece of clothing. We loooove these faux leather joggers. They’re surprisingly flexible, which means you can totally wear them at Topgolf. No restricted movements in these bad boys, so you can tee off like a pro! And because we DEF want the joggers to be the star of this ‘fit, we styled them with a simple but HAWT tank top and sneakers.

Flirty & Fun Topgolf Outfit

We get it, you’re a total boss babe now, but was there ever a part of you that loved to twirl!? There’s just something about a flirty little skirt that makes us all feel a little more femme (fatale). And this one is sure to make all the boys yell “FORE”.

This navy blue golf skort is practically begging to be worn on putting green. In keeping with the flirty golfer vibe, we styled the skort with a white, sleeveless golf tank and white sneakers

Trendy Date Night At Topgolf Outfit

There’s never a wrong time to wear a jumpsuit. Regardless of who you’re meeting there, wearing a black jumpsuit is one way to ensure you look flawless. If you’re heading to Topgolf for a work event, a black jumpsuit offers a business-casual vibe that you can wear to play golf.

A denim jacket adds some color and creates a super flattering silhouette. And these sandals… well, they might not be the most golf-friendly shoes, but they’re a must for pulling this whole look together. 

Effortless Topgolf Outfit

If comfort is the top priority for you, WE GOT YOU! Everyone knows by now that most people don’t actually wear their yoga pants to yoga. A pair of black yoga pants is begging to see so much more than the inside of your yoga studio. Treat them to a trip to Topgolf!! Throw on a boyfriend tee and slip into some sneakers or slides and you’re good to go!! You could also swap the yoga pants for a pair of chic sweatpants. That’s about as effortless as it gets!

modern and sleek top golf outfits
When deciding what to wear to Topgolf, being comfortable and matching your personal style are most important. 

Whether you’re getting together with friends for drinks and a good time, or you’re meeting someone for a first date, Topgolf is a place bursting with fun and entertainment. There is no dress code to abide by. So, your best bet when deciding what to wear is to stick with what you feel comfortable in, and what makes you feel most like yourself. Pick any of the outfits above and you’re sure to SLAYYY!!

For more outfit ideas and the best of the best made in America clothing, check out the blog.

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