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American Blossom Linens Review

American Blossom Linens Review

At Miss American Made, we’re pretty much known for being baddies in the streets… but who says you can’t be sexy AF and a lady in the sheets, too?! Not us, babes. We are allllll about having it together from top to bottom, and we’ve got American Blossom Linens to thank for starting our days off RIGHT in the bougiest bedding!

What are American Blossom Linens, you ask? Only the finest bedding and towels are made from organic cotton grown, spun, and woven right here in the USA. 

Why do we love that? Well, there are a lot of reasons why buying American-made products is important, like supporting fair labor practices, investing in quality over quantity, and more. 

But what makes American Blossom sheets really worth diving into bed with is their sustainability practices. American Blossom Linens, a member of the US Cotton Trust, grows organic cotton using the most sustainable and environmental protocols in the world. They ensure transparency in every step of the supply chain involved in these linens, sourcing and making every part of the product in the USA.

Plus, their final products are made in Thomaston, Georgia without the use of heavy dyes, pastes, or resins that leave NASTY toxins (including formaldehyde—YIKES) in your sheets. Now, we can rest easy in our organic cotton sheets knowing they’re safe from those harmful chemicals!

Need more of a background check before you jump into bed with just anyone? We get it, girlfriend, and props to you for knowing what you’re worth. Lucky for you, we’ve got all the deets. Keep reading for an honest review of American Blossom Linens!

American Blossom Linens Review

American Blossom Linens Review

The truth: We love them. Forget jumping into bed with them, we’re shopping for rings.

There’s just so much to OOOOH and AHHHH over, we made a list for you:


American Blossom uses high-quality cotton spun into high-quality yarn, woven into a hotel-high-quality weave, sewn into a high-quality product… Thaaaaat’s a lot of high quality if you ask us. 


This bedding is soooo comfy, you may end up stuck in bed. The percale weave is breathable yet tightly woven, so hot sleepers and cool sleepers alike can sleep deeply. With yarn that resists pilling and becomes softer after each wash, you’ll find yourself daydreaming about counting sheep in your cozy sheets. 

American Blossom Linens Review - High Quality


We mentioned the US Cotton Trust providing supply chain transparency, but that’s far from all American Blossom Linens is doing to make production transparent. Just check out their process page that spills their secrets like besties at a spendie, all the way from growing to sewing to GLOWING.

Something else we love? American Blossom also does not falsely inflate their thread count as many imported brands do. Brands often use lower-quality multiple-ply yarn to boost their thread count. This is often associated with the level of quality. American Blossom uses single-ply yarn in a luxurious 180-thread count weave. Uhm, yes, please! 

Availability of Sizes

Do you know how hard it is to find solid, high-quality bedding for a Cal King or Split King? SERIOUSLY, if you don’t know already, you don’t want to find out. American Blossom offers cotton percale sheets in virtually any size you would ever need.

Two Year Guarantee

If you don’t love everything about your purchase, you can return it within TWO WHOLE YEARS for a full refund—but trust us, you’ll love it. 

Now, on to our favorite items from American Blossom: 

American Blossom Linens Review - Cozy Sheets

Colored Cotton Bed Sheet Set

Girl, protect your peace! That includes protecting your sleep from nasty shit they leave in artificially-dyed products. Get a better night’s sleep with this non-toxic bed sheet set. 

And if you needed a bigger bonus, the fitted sheet has pockets…and a top or bottom label to help make sure those pockets end up in the right place. Love that! 

In search of more non-toxic products for your home? Check out Azuna Fresh, a non-toxic odor eliminator + air freshener brand we LOVE!

Colored Cotton Bed Sheet Set

Herringbone Weave Cotton Blanket

Know what this blanket is perfect for? Chilly winters, cool nights out on the lake, hot summer days spent with the AC blasting… okay, okay, you caught us. We would use it for E V E R Y T H I N G. We can’t help it, it’s just that good!

Herringbone Weave Cotton Blanket

Cotton Duvet Cover Set

Two words: Hotel. Quality. Those hotel duvets look like CLOUDS, and we want to sink into them every time we travel, but we have to hold back because, like…ew, hotel beds? You just never know. But with THIS duvet, you know. And damn if it doesn’t feel like clouds!

Cotton Duvet Cover Set

Natural Cotton Pillow With Wool Filling

If you’re sick of the whole “wake up, flip the pillow to the cool side, go back to sleep” routine, then babe, your savior is here. These wool-filled pillows naturally keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

These pillows are customizable! As if that’s not the best pillow-related news you’ve heard all day. They’ve got extra stuffing in case you want a firm, fluffed-up pillow. Want something flatter? Just take out the wool!

Natural Cotton Pillow With Wool Filling

Bath Towel Set Made of Luxury Cotton

If you want to upgrade your entire rest-relax-recharge routine, these spa-quality towels are the move. Luxurious, cozy, and aesthetic, perfect for all your self-care needs. Get ready to oooooh and ahhhhh at the comfort and softness!

Bath Towel Set Made of Luxury Cotton

Who are you trusting with your sleep?

We’re not bothering with brands that make us feel like we have to sleep with one eye open—or that make our rest poor quality. American Blossom Linens gives us the beauty sleep we need to go out and live our best lives. 

Now that your bedroom is set, go make sure your dining room is toxin-free too! We cover 13 insanely chic non-toxic dinnerware made in USA, just for you. Then, head over to the blog for more great ‘fits and finds, all made in America.

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