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Coffee Mugs Made in the USA

14 Gift-Worthy Coffee Mugs Made in the USA

If this is the first time you’ve thought seriously about your coffee mug, don’t freak out but it may be time to think about it more seriously. Your coffee mug is an important part of your routine, and you deserve to have one you can rely on. That’s why today, we’re diving deep into the highest-quality mugs made by pottery artisans in the USA!

So you’ve got some killer non-toxic dinnerware. Who knew how much nasty sh*t they try to sneak into dinnerware, are we right? Now that you’ve got it, it’s time to start looking at some of your other dishware that might not be the highest quality and might be causing some UGLY side effects. 

Today, we’re talking coffee mugs. They’re one of the first things we grab after we roll out of bed in the morning and one of the most used items in the home. Since they’re so vital to our wellbeing, we’ve got to make sure they’re actually GOOD for our wellbeing, too! Plus, since we love to give them as gifts to our besties and baddies, we’ve gotta be confident they’re not full of toxins.

The bad news? Not all mugs are created equal. The good news? Mugs made in America have a leg up on the competition. They’re durable, high-quality, and often handmade, which means they’re usually one-of-a-kind too. Plus, American made mugs are likely made from better materials. AKA: better for your body. No toxins here, thanks!

Our coffee mugs are part of our everyday routine. We wouldn’t be ourselves without them. And we deserve to have the best quality mugs supporting us. So, here’s our round-up of the best coffee mugs made in the USA!

Coffee Mugs Made in the USA

14 Coffee Mugs Made in the USA

Cavendish Stoneware Mug

This mug is a triple threat: hand-turned, handmade, and hand-painted. Made from lead-free clay, this cream-colored mug has a classic, understated look. The blue stripes add a simple flair to the mug, while the easy grip makes it a favorite.  

Matte Pink Mug

HF Coors has been making dinnerware in America since 1925, and it shows through the brand’s quality. Making high-quality, long-lasting dinnerware for restaurants is no piece of cake, but HF Coors has mastered the art and has coffee mugs of the same quality available for purchase on their website. 

We’re loving this matte pink mug especially. It has a cozy, feminine vibe emanating from the soft pink color, making it the perfect complement to getting ready for the day in an all-pink outfit. Of course, we love the matte black mugs just as much pink is super on-trend, but we will ALWAYS go back to black. 

Parrot Mushroom Mug

Did you know there’s such a thing called a parrot mushroom? Neither did we, until we saw this mug and thought it must be missing the parrot. The parrot mushroom is a colorful green-gold mushroom, which can be seen on the side of this fricken adorable speckled white mug.

This stoneware mug is hand-built and hand-glazed, and it’s food, dishwasher, and microwave safe So, yeah, you can and WILL use this mug every day. 

Golden Chair Mug

Ever feel like curling up in a chair to watch the sunset? Now your tea/coffee/hot chocolate can do that too! With this mug featuring a chair posed in front of a golden sunset (or sunrise, depending only our perspective), your drink can be just as cozy and comfy as you are. 

This mug is not dishwasher or microwave safe. Keep that in mind when picking your faves off this list! 

Victory Pottery Boob Mug

If you’re looking for a conversation starter or the perfect gift for your bestie, look no further. This terracotta mug is definitely an eye-catching piece of art celebrating the female form. 

Bones Coffee Cold Brew Glass

If you’re more of a cold brew kind of baddie, then this Bones Coffee brand glass is the move for you. Made from clear glass and printed with the classic Bones Coffee logo of a skeleton drinking coffee, this coffee glass gives us all a picture of how we feel before we’ve had our drinks. What can we say? A girl’s gotta have her drinks!

Coffee Mugs Made in the USA

Camper Mug

Sage green is having a moment and we are f*cking here for it! In celebration, we’re vibing with this sage green mug with a white & burgundy speckled glaze. This mug was handmade in the USA by Deneen Pottery.

Wild Rivers Coffee Company Mug

Want those rugged, natural, woke-up-at-the-crack-of-dawn vibes for your coffee mug? Some people need that extra kick in the morning to remind themselves who they wanna be. We’re all here for manifesting a better you with this mug featuring a picturesque scene of a mountain with a river flowing through it.

The best part? 2% or more of the sale of these mugs goes to conservation, which means you’re supporting the environment in more ways than one with this purchase. 

Monet Art Coffee Mugs

These 15 oz. mugs each feature a piece of artwork by Monet, his “Japanese Foot Bridge” and “Garden at Giverny.” If you’re an art lover yourself or have a bestie who loves art, these are a great gift idea. (They’ll love that these are also microwave and dishwasher safe.) Each mug is boxed separately, so you could even give one and keep one!

Starry Night Insulated Travel Mug

We definitely have to recommend a travel mug for our girls on the go, and what better travel mug than one with a piece of actual art printed on it? This travel mug depicts Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” It works with hot or cold beverages and fits in most cup holders. It’s made of stainless steel with a neoprene lining and gives off the best vibes. 

Hand Carved Satin White Stoneware Mug

This is a great mug for our minimalists who still like a little bit of floral flair in their simplicity. It’s a white mug with a floral design hand carved into the base, leaving the colors out and letting the design speak for itself. It was made using a white stoneware clay, then bisque fired and glazed with a satin white glaze. If you’re not sure what any of that means, it means it’s GORGEOUS. 

Pink and White Dripped Glaze Mug

This pink and white dripped glaze mug looks exactly how it sounds. It was hand tossed from white stoneware clay, bisque fired, then dripped with a soft pink and creamy white glaze and high fired in an electric kiln. It is dishwasher and microwave safe as well as totally beautiful. This mug screams rustic femininity, and we are about it.

Glass Cafe Mug

A trendier minimalist option, this glass cafe mug is the ideal complement to pretty much any dishes in your cabinet (or, uh, sitting in your sink waiting to be washed.) It’s made by Anchor Hocking, which has been making high-quality dishware in America since 1905. It also comes with a SureGuard guarantee, which means it will be replaced if the rim chips during normal use!

White Ceramic Coffee Mug

If you’re going for a simple, timeless look with your dinnerware this is the coffee cup for you. A sharp white 11 oz. mug that will match nicely with most dishes, this mug is lead-free and microwave and dishwasher safe. Anyone want a mug cake?

High Quality Coffee Mugs Made in the USA

Whatever drink you’re drinking, drink it out of something American-made. 

Bestie, whether your coffee mug is the first thing you grab in the morning or your sleepytime tea is the last thing you drink at night, the truth is that you deserve to be drinking out of a mug that’s as superior as you are. That’s why it’s best to buy American-made.
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