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Drink up, Baddies! 10 Made In USA Drinking Glasses

Did you know your drinkware can be filled with absolutely NASTY toxins? No? Well, we’ve got some news for you, babe—you might be drinking harmful chemicals! Don’t worry though—we’ve got the American-made remedy for toxic drinkware. Check it out!

Hey baddie! Can we get you a drink?

While we totally looooooooove this question, we’re still a little wary. Why? Well, while glass drinkware is generally considered safe, some may have heavy metals in them, such as cadmium or lead, which can damage your immune system. OR, if your drinkware is plastic, it could contain BPA and phthalates, which may lead to hormonal and developmental problems. YUCK!

That’s why when we pour ourselves a drink, we’re pouring into an American-made glass that we KNOW is free from heavy metals and BPA. Freaking out about your drinkware? Don’t sweat it, babe! We’ve got a round up for you of all the best USA-made drinking glasses that are free from those NASTY toxins. Check it out below!

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10 Made In USA Drinking Glasses

Libbey Cobalt Flare Tumbler Glass

Libbey’s Cobalt Flare tumbler glass is a classic tumbler with a bright blue pop of color to brighten up your dining room table or kitchen cabinet. Whether you’re drinking soda, iced tea, lemonade, water, or a much-needed cocktail, this glass is the perfect match. This glass is made 100% BPA-free and lead-free in the USA, so you know it’s safe for use. You can also toss them in the dishwasher for easy cleanup!

Drinique Stemless Wine Unbreakable Tritan Plastic Drinkware

We feel a little silly including plastic drinkware in our list of drinking glasses, but this one is BPA-free and unbreakable just what we need for our clumsier queens! This stemless wine glass is 12 oz and great for a “glass” of wine or a summer drink. For care, be sure to avoid contact with sunblock, essential oils, and fresh-squeezed fruits and vegetable juices, which can degrade the plastic. To wash, put in the dishwasher with a rinse aid or use a soft sponge or cloth to handwash.

Ball Glass Jars

This may not be your typical drinking glass, but Ball glass mason jars are actually a solid option for drinking glasses. They are totally non-toxic and have a timeless design that you can style creatively or leave bare. They’re free from BPA, lead, and cadmium. To wash, you can throw the jars themselves in the dishwasher, but hand-wash the lids to ensure a long life.

Wileyware Water Tumbler Glasses

Wileyware makes gorgeous handmade glasses that have cool iridescent or kaleidoscope-like effects. They hand-blow all of their drinking glasses out of Seattle, Washington. To care for these lead-free glasses properly, put them in the dishwasher on the lowest heat setting, and do not put them in the microwave. This one is for all you cold-brew baddies! 

Blenko Glass Co. Shamrock Asteroid Tumbler

These glasses have a funky crater-like texture to them and come in a deep green color. Yes, they look like they come from an alien planet, which is SO cool. The craters aren’t just for looks, but they also give the glass extra grip, so you’re less likely to spill. The glasses hold 20 oz and should be handwashed for each intergalactic beverage mission. 

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The Mt. Baker Tumbler

If you want your drinkware to spark a conversation, then this is the tumbler for you. The Mt. Baker tumbler is a handblown, 8 oz pint glass created with the exact topography of Mt. Baker’s peak molded into the base of the glass. This mountain has one of the most thermally active craters in the Cascade Range (second only to Mount St. Helens, which you can grab in addition to plenty of other mountains as a tumbler or pint glass, too.) Mt. Baker is also home to The Legendary Mt. Baker Banked Slalom where snowboards compete from all over the world to see who’s the best and fastest! 

When you fill your cup, you can see the terrain of the mountain clearly through your drink. It’s 100% accurate using USGS data! With a glass literally holding a mountain, you’re sure to impress your guests! And of course, the glass is made lead-free and dishwasher safe in Portland, Oregon.

Kentfield Cooler Beverage Glasses

These Kentfield cooler beverage glasses are a great minimalist option. They come in a set of four 16 oz clear glasses. The glasses themselves have a substantial base and tapered sides, so they feel comfortable in your hand. Like all Libbey glasses, they are lead-free and BPA-free. These are our fave for morning mimosas or freshly squeezed afternoon lemonade. 

US Acrylic Clear Plastic Drinking Glasses

This is another plastic drinkware option, made BPA-free in the USA. This set of 8 drinking glasses (four 12 oz and eight 16 oz) come in a clear set and a translucent blue set. They have a thick base that appears like glass, so they’re kid-friendly but sophisticated for whatever you got going on! Plus, you get a whole set for a pretty great price, which is a bonus.

Anchor Hocking Manchester Drinking Glasses Set

Anchor Hocking is the USA-made master of glassware. We love them already for their glass bakeware, and we’re loving the drinkware they have to offer even more. 

This drinking glasses set comes with 8 rocks glasses (10.5 oz) and 8 tumbler glasses (16 oz). There are several subtle yet elevated styles available, so you can choose a cup that fits your vibe. These glasses were meant to be used every day for whatever drink you prefer! All of Anchor Hocking’s products are free from lead, cadmium, heavy metals, and BPA.

Mosser Glass 10 oz. Iced Tea Glass

This 10 oz iced tea glass has beautiful, intricate detailing that will make you feel bougie AF. It comes in three different shades, perfect for any vibe. For your classic girlies, you can get clear glass. If you’re more edgy and mysterious, definitely grab the hunter green and black option. Or, if you’re romantic and dramatic, go for the red! 

These iced tea glasses are perfect for any cold beverage, including your USA-grown tea! Not only are these glasses American-made, they’re also lead- and cadmium-free. So, they’re non-toxic and gorgeous.

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Who knew non-toxic drinkware could be so sophisticated and chic?

Now that you’ve got some options for non-toxic, American-made drinkware, we hope you feel better about the quality of your drinking glasses. You deserve the absolute best, and that’s what we gave you!

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