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tea grown in usa

Spilling the Tea on Tea Grown In USA

Been craving some tea lately? Us, too! First of all, it’s delish, second of all, it’s actually pretty good for you! But have you ever wondered where tea comes from? It’s been on our minds lately, so we dove into it. Keep reading to find out!

Did you know tea is the world’s most consumed drink after water?! It’s a yummy aromatic beverage made from the Camellia sinensis plant (except herbal “teas” and tisanes, which are infusions made from other plants and fruits). Tea “proper” originated in northeast India, north Myanmar, and southwest China, but it’s SO good that now there are all sorts of different kinds and people love drinking it ALL over the world, including in America.

But, it’s not just tasty! Observational research has shown that drinking 2-3 cups of tea daily has been linked with a lower risk of premature death, stroke, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. With superpowers like that, no wonder it’s so popular!

Except, this plant can’t grow everywhere it has to grow under specific conditions. Which begs the question: is tea grown in the USA? Read more to find out!

Tea Grown In USA

Is Tea Grown In USA?

The answer is YES! The Camellia sinensis can be grown in the United States! It can grow in a lot of places in North America, but only in zones 7a or warmer. (Basically, it can’t ever drop below 0° F.) There is only one large tea plant that grows it, but there are smaller tea gardens that grow the plant as well. These tea farms are located in Hawaii, Mississippi, Alabama, Michigan, and South Carolina. We’ll list the American tea companies you can buy from down below!

american grown tea brands

American Grown Tea Brands

Charleston Tea Garden

The Charleston Tea Garden is located on Wadmalaw Island, just a few miles south of the city of Charleston, South Carolina. The island has great conditions for growing tea due to its sandy soils and sub-tropical climate. Their tea production is massive, with the plant producing both green and black teas in over 320 varieties. They also offer free tours of their plantation. SO what are you waiting for? Grab a mug and get to drinking!

The Great Mississippi Tea Company

The Great Mississippi Tea Company produces tea using nearly 40,000 tea plants. They have delivered to the market several award-winning teas, including black tea, oolong tea, green tea, pine needle tea, and yellow tea. (Did you know there was more than just green tea? Wild!) Their shop also sells tea gifts and soaps, so be sure to check it out!

Arbor Teas

Arbor Teas is a family-owned business based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Their goal is to bring organic teas to their consumers as sustainably as possible. Not all of their teas are USA-grown, but we’ve linked their American teas above.

Table Rock Tea

Table Rock Tea grows artisan tea in Upstate, South Carolina. The tea farm is nestled along the Cherokee Foothills at the base of Table Rock Mountain, giving it the perfect climate for growing high-quality, small-batch tea. And you know what small batch means… two words: HIGH QUALITY. Moreover, this ideal location provides optimal conditions for cultivating flavorful and aromatic tea varieties, ensuring a delightful and satisfying tea-drinking experience for enthusiasts seeking premium teas.

Minto Island Tea

Minto Island Tea Company has grown teas since 1988 in Willamette Valley at Minto Island Growers in Western Oregon. They produce certified organic, small-batch crafted teas. This company also has Camellia sinensis plants for sale in April, so you can grow your own made in the USA tea. 

Oregon Tea Traders

Oregon Tea Traders sells high-quality artisanal blends of tea. The founders see tea as a way of life and believe in the capacity of tea to enhance your day. They use organically grown ingredients, but not all teas for sale are USA-grown. Thankfully, you can sort teas by region on their website.

Abby’s Ohana Tea

In Hawaii, teas are grown from mauka to makai, or from 4,000 ft in elevation at the summit of the Kīlauea volcano down to sea level. The volcanic soils are naturally acidic, which is ideal for the Camellia sinensis plant. Abby’s Ohana Tea sells five types of tea, including Mauna Loa Estate Oolong and Kīlauea Green tea.

Maui Tea Farm

Maui Tea Farm grows tea and tisane herbs (herbs for herbal “teas” that are not made from the traditional Camellia sinensis plant). Their tea farm is located at 4,000 feet elevation on the slopes of the Haleakalā volcano. Watch out, baddies, this tea is HOT!

Mauna Kea Tea

Mauna Kea Tea was started by Taka and Kimberly Ino on the Big Island of Hawaii. They are committed to sustainable farming practices and reducing waste. Their shop offers green tea, clothing, and teaware. (Not all of their products outside tea are made in the USA, but all of it is a definite vibe.) 

Tea Hawaii & Company

Tea Hawaii & Company grows their tea on the summit of Hawaii’s Kīlauea volcano in the acidic volcanic soil. Their shop includes Forrest White, Volcano Green, Mauka Oolong, and Makai Black tea, as well as tea shells to drink from. Unlike with Mauna Kea Tea’s teaware, these shells are hand thrown and fired in Hawaii . . . and let us tell you, they’re GORGEOUS.

Volcano Winery

Volcano Winery is a winery and tea shop located in the Big Island Hawaii. It was originally started in 1986 by retired Oahu veterinarian, Lynn “Doc” McKinney. It opened its door to the public in 1993, and has undergone many changes since its opening, for example, they now sell teas! Their shop offers Estate Black Tea and Estate White Tea, as well as some other offerings like honey gift sets. 

Fleur de Lis Tea Co.

Fleur de LIs Tea Company began when David Barron retired and invested in a pine plantation. Then, in 2017, David’s friend Buddy Lee offered him 1,000 tea plants. 7 years later, they have a mature tea farm in Louisiana. They have been commercially producing tea since 2022 and offer two types of tea: Big Easy black tea and Friendship black tea. They also sell teaware, tea tours, and tea house rentals. Doesn’t a big tea party with your girlfriends sound like a blast and just classy AF? Sign us up! 

Light of Day Organics

Light of Day Organics was founded in late December 2003 in Northern Michigan Leelanau County, just 8 miles from Lake Michigan. They grow tea, flowers, herbs, and fruit. They offer a variety of teas and tisanes, including black tea, green tea, matcha, oolong tea, and white tea. Not all teas sold are grown in Michigan, so be sure it has the “100% Grown Here” label. That’s when you know it’s that good stuff! 

Tea Grown In USA
If you’re drinking tea, make sure it’s American grown!

We love settling down with a good mug of tea after a long day. So, now that you’ve got all these options for tea, it’s time to turn on the kettle, light a candle, and relaaaaaaaaax. But which tea is the best? You’ll have to let us know!

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