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What To Wear To A Hip-Hop Concert

What To Wear To A Hip-Hop Concert

Let us guess, you’ve got tickets to a rap concert, but you’re not sure if you look hip enough to hop along with the music. Much like other genres of music, there ARE, in fact, unwritten wardrobe rules if you’re looking to show your fandom and support. Need some outfit inspo for an upcoming hip-hop concert? READ ON!

If you’re going to a punk or a metal concert, then lots of black clothing and spikes (and possibly a highlighted mohawk). 

For country concerts… actually, if you know what to wear to a rodeo, it’s safe to say that you know what to wear to a country concert.

And hip-hop outfits are absolutely no different! 

Well of course, except for the influence of music, audience, and general vibes. All of which we totally stan. 

From Missy and Doja to Drake, Future, and dare we say… Beiber, there IS a unspoken dresscode. 

There is no one perfect rap concert outfit, but believe us when we say, there are plenty of top contenders, babe. Here’s our roundup of baddie outfits that will help you match the vibe of your next hip-hop concert. 

What To Wear To A Hip-Hop Concert

What To Wear To A Hip-Hop Concert

Crop Tops

Okay queen, let’s be real! There is literally no better time than at a hip-hop concert to show a little skin! 

Trust us, they’re not just for the ‘gram. These babies are versatile and easy to wear, and they add that touch of sexiness that’ll break ALL of the necks!

Shop our fave crop tops HERE

Graphic T-Shirts

Making a statement isn’t JUST about making a statement anymore, love. No, you’ve got to say it loud, and say it proud! 

Graphic t-shirts are where it’s at when it comes to hip-hop fashion. They’re bold and colorful, and make regular shirts look…stale AF. Whether you’re repping your fave artist or sporting a badass design, graphic tees are a must-have for any rap event!

High-Waisted Distressed Jeans

Get ready to rock those high-waisted distressed jeans, baby! They’re majorly essential for any hip-hop concert or rap event. 

And… not only are they super chic, but they also offer a comfortable fit that’ll have you movin’ and groovin’ all night long! Look for something like these blue straight-crop high-rise jeans & work from there!

Cropped Hoodie

Keepin’ it cozy & trendy is a no-brainer with a cropped hoodie! Just like regular crop tops, it’ll present your midriff. However, it’ll also add that extra layer of style to your hip-hop concert outfit. Pair it with high-waisted jeans or leggings for the ultimate mix of comfort and chic-ass vibes

We’ve also covered how to style a cropped hoodie and different outfit ideas that focus on it!

Leather Mini Skirts

Shake ya’ ass, watch ya’self, because it’s time to shake things up with a vinyl mini skirt! This edgy and sexy piece will take your outfit to a whole new level, especially at a hip-hop concert! 

It’s all about turning heads and owning the stage, and something like this faux leather mini-skirt will help you do just that!


Step up that g-damn shoe game, honey! Statement sneakers are bright, and vibrant, and will have you walking with the utmost confidence. 

Plus, you’ll get hella respect from the sneaker-heads! 

Fanny Pack

Who in the actual HELL wants to carry a bulky purse around when you should be throwing that ass in a circle. Especially while experiencing your favorite rap artists perform live? Fanny packs are great because they keep your essentials close, and they remain trendy to this day! 

Seriously, forget about bulky purses or backpacks – a fanny pack is both fashionable and functional. With bright colors and unique designs, it’s the perfect go-to accessory for ANY concert, let alone rap concerts.

Misc. Accessories

So think about your outfit, and what the cherry on top would be for it. Thick hoop earrings are just solid hip-hop concert outfit accessories. And honestly, the bigger, the better! They’ll have you looking fierce AF in no time. As would a chain-link bracelet! It’s simple and stylish, and it adds a hint of glamour. 

You want versatility, you want verve, you want very dope accessories! And if you want to add rings, we’ve got your back! Check out this post on how to style rings like a pro

Aesthetic Hip-Hop Concert outfits

5 Hip-Hop Concert Outfit Ideas

All-Black Hip Hop Outfit

When it comes to hip-hop, attitude is ev-er-y-thing, baby! You’ve got to embrace your inner diva by going all out with an all-black ensemble that screams confidence! 

You can try wearing this black oslo mesh top with a stylish pair of black loose-fitting ginerva cargo pants. These black amanu-style open-toed sandals would just tie this baddie bow of an outfit all together!

This outfit is perf for making a statement while attending a rap concert!

Old-School Hip Hop Outfit

Pay homage to the pioneers of hip-hop and R&B with a throwback outfit inspired by the golden era! 

Don’t be afraid to rock a pair of baggy ercu cargo pants, with this peach linen wrap cropped shirt. And OH! These white court slip-on sneakers would make this outfit pop, especially if you add a gold necklace like this gold izzy chain layering set

You won’t need to go chasing waterfalls in this outfit! TLC would be hella proud 🙂

Music Festival Chic

If you’re lucky enough to attend a hip-hop concert via music festival… then you KNOW it’s the best time to take your outfit game to the next level!

Fuse hip-hop fashion with high fashion, all while staying comfortably chic. All you need to do is incorporate simple elements like this black tony dress and a pair of these black snake print sneakers. And just in case it gets a bit chilly after sundown you could wear this cropped varsity denim jacket!

Streetwear Swag Hip Hop Outfit

Streetwear and hip-hop have gone hand and hand since Run DMC sang about their favorite sneaker brand! 

So in true hip-hop fashion, you’ll want to express your urban-chic style by choosing something like this black front slit mini skirt to wear with, of course, this black-on-white “RUN DMC” oversized t-shirt. Finish this dope hip-hop concert outfit idea with a pair of comfy black tour mesh sneakers.

And if you want to accessorize your style, try wearing a pair of these hayley classic gold hoop earrings and this black hudson python-embossed top-handle bag

Effortlessly Elegant Hip Hop Outfit

Hip-hop outfits don’t always have to be about streetwear though. It’s important to know that much like all fashion, rap fashion styles are just as versatile. With that being said, you can build a dripped-out look that breathes elegance! 

So, try something like this serpentine chain necklace, which would look AH-MAZING with a top like this long-sleeved skull cap cropped top and a pair of black faux leather pants. Oooo and, we stan these simple white strapped black open-toe sandals #obvi!

Iconic Hip-Hop Concert outfits
Get your concert style on point with hip-hop, and fashion!

And there you have it, hip-hop honeys!

These rap concert outfit ideas are here to make a statement, and that statement is, “Hell Yeah, F***ing Right, Damn Right!” They’ll keep things fresh and diverse, and still incorporate every single baddie vibe you can muster up! 

Do you have any more suggestions on what to wear to a rap concert? Leave a comment below, and let’s keep that convo flowing!

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