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champion clothing made in usa

Is Champion Clothing made in usa?

Champion Clothing is an iconic American brand for so many reasons. We have them to thank for the hoodie AND the sports bra?! Legendary. Champion Clothing has a rich history of innovation and invention but are they made in USA? Keep reading to find out!

If there’s one thing we’re all about, it’s about supporting American-made clothing brands. Like, DUH. But if this is your first time on the blog, you might be wondering why. What makes brands made in the USA so much better?

Here’s the DL: buying American-made has so many benefits. When you buy American made, you know you’re getting a high-quality, ethically made product. Buying American-made also supports the local economy and lowers your carbon footprint! What’s not to love? 

At Miss American Made, we make sure everything we buy and recommend is made in the USA, because we care about our friends, family, the planet, and people all over the world. The way we spend our money with ALWAYS reflect that. Plus, the products we get when we buy American made last way longer, look way superior, and feel way comfier than the competition. Needless to say, we’re obsessed!

Now that you get all the hype about buying American made, it’s time to turn our eyes to one of the most well-known brands based in America: Champion Clothing. But being based in America doesn’t necessarily mean they actually make their clothes here in the USA which is why we’re diving deep into Champion to spill the tea on whether or not their items are made in the USA.

Here goes:

champion clothing made in usa

Is Champion Clothing Made in USA?

Short answer: no, Champion Clothing is not made in the USA.

Long answer: Through the years creating hundreds of clothing lines and products, Champion has both made products in the USA and outsourced their production overseas. While you may be able to find vintage pieces with that “Made in USA” label we’re always looking for, they do not currently make any pieces in the USA. 

What Is Champion Clothing?

Champion was founded over 100 years ago in 1919 in Rochester, NY. It was actually started with the name “Knickerbocker Knitting Mills.” Throughout their history, Champion pulled off some pretty dope accomplishments, like inventing the hoodie and the sports bra, and being the first company to mass produce collegiate sports apparel for fans. Their hoodie is even recognized in the Museum of Modern Art!

Champion also created mesh jerseys, outfitted the 1992 and 1996 Dream Teams, and was the outfitter of choice for hip hop musicians and artists in the 80s and 90s. The movement of everyday athleisure can be attributed to Champion as well! Seriously, what didn’t they do???

Why Is Champion Clothing Popular Again?

Champion Clothing has been teaming up with other dynamic brands like Supreme, Todd Snyder, Off White, and more. All these collabs have resulted in a big boost in Champion’s popularity, elevating their brand from at-home ‘fits to celeb street style.  

where are champion clothing made

Where Are Champion Clothes Made?

Champion makes their clothes in a few different Asian countries, as well as in El Salvador, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic. 

Best Brands Similar to Champion That Are Made In USA

So, Champion isn’t American made, meaning you won’t find it in our closets, but that’s okay! Lucky for us, there are some killer brands ready to take Champion’s place. 

Aviator Nation

Looking for a brand so elevated it’ll have you flying sky high? Aviator Nation is a 1970s-inspired lifestyle brand making distressed hoodies and sweats, as well as other garments. 

Aviator Nation was originally created by Paige Mycoskie, right in her garage. She bought a sewing machine while working at a surf shop, then began making some of the flyest activewear we’ve ever seen. Her goal was to make pieces with the look and feel of vintage clothes, and babe, she accomplished it. Each piece from Aviator Nation is uniquely distressed, effortlessly sporty, and handmade in Cali. 

Beyond Yoga

We stan a women-led company that’s all about making women feel good about themselves! Beyond Yoga was created with the intent to honor women for where they’re at in their day, body, and life. By bringing comfort and ease to our everyday life, Beyond Yoga supports women to conquer challenges, attain their goals, and show up for one another. And to look good DAMN GOOD while doing it!

Beyond Yoga sells activewear and more, all made in the USA. Whether you’re hitting the gym or just living your life, Beyond Yoga will have some chic, feminine athleticwear just for you!

Beach Riot

RIOT on the BEACH, party in the STREET. Does this brand get our vibe or what?!

Beach Riot is a brand that designs and produces swimwear and activewear in Orange County. Launched in 2012, the Beach Riot style is all about bold prints, luxury fabrics, and bright pops of color. 

And, as if making a statement with your workout wear wasn’t enough, the brand also works to reduce their carbon footprint and use eco-friendly packaging. They work with local factories to reduce their shipping needs and to invest into the local community. That’s what buying American-made is allllllll about, baddies! We are f*cking here for it!

best brands similar to champion


Ultracor is a brand that saw a need for high-end, luxury activewear that is also high-performing, and they decided they were the brand for the job. And babes, did they DELIVER. You want bougie workout clothes that work as hard as you do? Get them at Ultracor. You won’t be disappointed.

But what makes them so special? Between making all their clothes to order in-house in the United States and their patented compression-360 technology that helps burn calories while decreasing recovery time, it’s no wonder they’re killing the game.

Four Athletics

Four Athletics set out to make premium workout clothes that don’t cost an arm and a leg. They also wanted activewear that would last for rigorous lifestyles, but weren’t finding it. So they decided to make it themselves! They engineer their garments with functionality, longevity, and quality as their goal, so you know what you’re getting is bound to be good.

And, don’t think their emphasis on performance and durability means Four Athletics has no style. Every piece has the vibe of high-quality, elevated basics that are functional, but also super flattering and fashionable! 

American Giant

Search “The Greatest Hoodie Ever Made” and you’ll find the Classic Full Zip from American Giant. American Giant set out to make clothing of exceptional quality, made right here in the USA. They are committed to revitalizing the local community by creating jobs making long-lasting garments. All their clothes have a relaxed, preppy style that is super wearable for anyone going anywhere! Cheers to you, American Giant!

Champion may not be the move, but there are great options for USA-made activewear.

We’re moving on from Champion… and they say the best way to move on is to move on with someone (or something!) new. So why not check out one of these activewear brands? We’re sure they’ll have something you’ll <3!

Now that you’ve got all the deets on Champion, we’re sure we’ve got you wondering about other brands are Madewell clothes made in USA? Is New Balance made in USA? Don’t worry, these questions and more are all answered on the blog. Head over there for more fashion tips, tricks, and tell-alls!

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