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is new balance made in usa

Is New Balance Made in Usa?

New Balance has managed to do what other brands can only dream of: stay in style season after season for decades! Just ask Hailey Beiber or Kendall Jenner, who are regularly out sporting their New Balance 550s. Whether it’s the new “It” shoe or a cult classic, New Balance sneakers are here to stay. That’s why today, we’re giving you the DL on New Balance.

As long as you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of New Balance. They’re a major American shoe manufacturer that makes athletic shoes for both style and sport. 

But the brand wasn’t always the style icon it is now. When New Balance was first created in 1906, they were a balance arch support company. Talk about a glow up!

Now, New Balance sells both shoes and apparel in over 120 countries. They maintain a solid manufacturing presence in both the US and the UK. 

They’re a company with goals of supporting fair wages, having a transparent supply chain, and always responsibly manufacturing (Points from us for keeping sh*t out of landfills.) All these things we know are important when it comes to buying American-made. New Balance is also super consumer-friendly, offering options for different foot shapes and sizes.

So far, so good. But we’ve got one mega-important question left: is New Balance actually made in USA? You know how important those made in USA labels are to us. Keep reading, baddies, because we’re spilling all the tea on New Balance in today’s post!

is new balance made in usa

Is New Balance Made in USA?

Short answer: kind of? Long answer: much like LL Bean clothing and Madewell clothing some products are, some products aren’t. Like we said, New Balance maintains a manufacturing presence in BOTH the US and the UK. You’ll have to check the label on each shoe to determine if it’s made in the United States or not. 

The good news: New Balance has a collection of MADE in USA shoes and apparel that shows they’ve been dedicated to American craftsmanship for 75 years. So while not all shoes are made in America, there are definitely plenty of options for American-made shoes and apparel from New Balance.

And because we love you just SO MUCH, we decided to list some of our American-made faves right here for you!

5 Made in USA New Balance Shoes

Pink Suede 996s

Need a good pair of tennies for your next Barbie-inspired athleisure ‘fit? These soft pink sneakers are the ultimate slay for a pink-powered goddess like you. They feature pink velvety suede accents and classic white mesh outsole that’s the perfect balance between performance shoe and style shoe.

These shoes are super wearable and can last as long as you do whether that’s on a run through the park or a run to the store, you’ll be feeling vibey AND comfy for your whole trip. Style them with these Beyond Yoga high-waisted midi leggings and your fave pink American-made hoodie.

Runner-Ready 990v4s

If you’ve been on the lookout for your next pair of running shoes, here they are!

These sneakers are 990v4s, which means they take their inspiration from New Balance’s original line of 990s. The 990s were designed to be the best running shoe on the market, and were the first running shoes to have a three-figure price tag. 

Those bougie running shoes have been redesigned into today’s 990v4s, which features a modernized silhouette, leather and mesh uppers, and ENCAP sole cushioning. And, with an nearly all-white design? They’re super versatile. Pair them with your fave made in USA workout clothes!

made in usa new balance shoes

Chunky White 996s

You’ve gotta know by now how partial we are to a chunky white sneaker. They’re the ideal shoe to wear when you style your American-made sweats. They’re versatile and give off a ready-for-anything vibe, which is the perfect compliment to your sense of adventure. 

What makes these shoes so great? Well, to start, they’re comfy AF. They’re made with ENCAP midsole cushioning that’ll have you feeling like you’re walking on clouds. They’re also made with a durable leather and mesh upper, meaning they’re built to last, and last, and last. 

Black-Accented 998s

Plain chunky all-white sneakers can’t have all the glory, though! You know we had to sneak in just a pinch of our favorite color: BLACK. *swoon* These made in the USA sneakers have the perfect blend of black, white, and cream for a dynamic, geometric, and modern look.

The 998s were the first New Balance shoes to use ABZORB cushioning, making these shoes the ultimate winner when it comes to comfort and shock absorption. They’re a must-have for us.

O-live These Shoes 998s

O-live these shoes, you’ll love these shoes! If sage green is your color, then babe, do we have the sneakers for you. This adorable pair of 998s takes a break from the usual tennis shoe grayscale and instead blends shades of green, cream, brown, and white for a soft, earthy look that’s perfect for elevated styling! 

Of course, they’re not all style they’re functional too. “O-live These Shoes” are 998s, meaning they utilize the same ABZORB cushioning as the classic pair. They’re ultra comfy, super active, and uber supportive. Just what we’re looking for in a pair of trendy sneakers! 

New Balance comfy af
New Balance offers a stylish collection of shoes and apparel made right here in the USA.

New Balance shoes are known for being a cult classic. Now that you know they’re American-made, you can feel good about participating in a cult! 

Okay, okay, we’re kidding. But you CAN feel good about buying New Balance’s Made in USA collection, knowing they’re supporting the local economy, keeping sh*t out of landfills, and fighting for wage equality and transparency. To find more American-made shoes worth buying, check out our post on what shoes are made in USA. Then, check out the blog for outfit ideas, style inspiration, and brand spotlights featuring clothes (and more!)  made in the United States.

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