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running shoes made in usa

10 Running Shoes Made in USA

When you’re running, you don’t want to just be running in style. You want to be running in comfort, too—both for your feet and for your conscience. We feel best when we’ve got American-made, high-quality shoes on our feet. And we know you will, too! Check out our round-up of the best running shoes made in USA.

What defines a “running” shoe, anyway?

Basically, they’re comfortable AF. They’re lightweight and have a ton of extra cushioning on heels and toes, so when you’re running (or strutting) you won’t get fatigued. Also, running shoes are usually made to be cool and breathable—which is good. No one feels sexy with sweaty ass feet.

So, they’re comfortable, but are they cute? Sometimes, they’re just not the vibe. They give middle-class-dad-mowing-the-lawn energy. That’s why it’s just important to find running shoes that aren’t just supportive but also trendy. Style is ALWAYS a factor. 

Now, if it’s made in the USA? Even better. You already know how important it is to buy American-made it supports the local economy, it creates jobs, and it’s easier on the environment. Like we always say: if you’re not buying American made, YOU SHOULD BE. Period.

But we’ll admit, finding running shoes that are made in the USA (and trendy) isn’t a fucking walk in the park. In fact, they’re SUPER hard to find. That’s why we did all the hard work for you, bbs! Here’s our round up of American-made athletic footwear

running shoes made in usa

10 Running Shoes Made in USA

SAS Tour Mesh Lace Up Sneaker

This SAS Tour Mesh sneaker is a classic for us it’s the ideal chunky white sneaker for wearing with your trendiest made in USA sweatpants. In fact, it’s one of our styling recommendations for how to style grey sweatpants. It’s THE go-to shoe and for good reason.

The SAS Tour Mesh shoes use durable suede and mesh uppers, designed to last. It’s an especially breathable shoe, between the mesh and a removable SAS CoolStep Footbed. What’s a CoolStep Footbed? It’s an anti-friction lining with a special layer that keeps you dry and cool. Remember, sweaty feet = NOT HOT.

New Balance Made In USA 990v4

New Balance has a made In USA collection of footwear and clothing, and this shoe comes from that collection. The original 990s, created in 1982, served as a model for the 990v4, which became one of the first shoes to feature a three-figure price tag. It’s retro and luxe.  

In 2016, the reintroduction of the 990v4 featured a modern silhouette instead of adhering to the original 990s silhouette. But, it still has all the classic vibes, high-quality materials, and supportive construction. Crafted from a leather and mesh upper, it also includes ENCAP midsole cushioning.

Pair it with your favorite made in the USA workout clothes and you’re ready to hit the streets! (Or the trails, or the treadmill…)

Victory Sportswear Running Shoe

Originally established as Hersey Custom Shoe Company, Victory Sportswear has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1982 by Bart and Jan Hersey. The couple, driven by their passion for crafting running shoes, embarked on a journey that would eventually evolve into the renowned brand we know today.

Stephen Keoseian, who merged Hersey Custom Shoe Company with Victory Sportswear in 2019, currently oversees its operations.

You can get off the rack shoes and custom shoes. (Who doesn’t want custom kicks? Seriously?)

Meticulously crafted in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, these standard sneakers feature a premium suede and mesh upper, with each element individually stitched. The attention to detail in construction ensures a product that reflects both quality and authenticity. The coolest thing about these shoes? They are made with a double reverse flare foxing method, which means they can be resoled after you walk through them. That means these shoes are NOT ending up in a landfill!

New Balance Made In USA 996

Here’s another shoe in the American made line at New Balance! The first 996s were introduced in 1988 as an evolution of the 990s. The 6 represents six years of progression from 1982, when the 990s were first released.

Crafted with premium leather and mesh uppers, these shoes showcase a combination of high-quality materials. Like the 990s, they feature ENCAP cushioning. These shoes are walkable, run-able, high performance shoes, but they’re stylish at the same time. With a trendy design featuring a combination of white, off-white, and black, the 996s boast a versatile silhouette suitable for any plans you may have.

PSUDO Women’s Court Shoe

PSUDO is a company we can get behind!

Their focus lies in maintaining a short and transparent supply chain, demonstrating a commitment to local manufacturing and ethical labor practices.

PSUDO shoes are made from recycled parts, saving the environment one shoe at a time. We seriously love that shit.

Michael Rich, the founder of PSUDO, spent three decades working in the shoe business before creating PSUDO. His vision was to deliver sneakers with less waste and more comfort. This shoe is “lace free” and has elastic bands to keep it hugged tightly to your foot. Crafted with a lightweight Repreve fabric, this material consists of 100% recycled polyester fibers. It is breathable and sweat-wicking. Oh, and, as a bonus these shoes are machine-washable!

american made

SAS 7eventy6ix-X Lace Up Sneaker

The SAS 7eventy6ix-X sneakers are BEAUTIFUL. They’ve got a modern, elevated design with 3 different chic, neutral color schemes. These shoes could go running down the street or strutting down the corporate halls. These shoes are not only powerful but also trendy as hell, making a bold statement in both performance and style. 

is made from genuine leather and breathable nylon textile uppers. The knit lining is breathable, soft, and comfortable.

Upon closer inspection, you’ll discover that these shoes not only excel in breathability, but they also showcase remarkable flexibility, unrivaled comfort, a luxurious softness, and unparalleled support. They also come with precision-cut OrthoLite footbeds that form to the curves of your foot for comfort, so you can wear these babies all day.

New Balance Made In USA 990v6

It’s clear that we have a strong affinity for the New Balance Made in the USA line, isn’t it? Originally created to be the single best running shoe on the market, the 990s set out with that specific purpose. 990v6 is meant to be the NEW best running shoe on the market, with performance-inspired updates since version 1. 

What’s so great about it? Well, the 990s were already great, and the 990v6s bring more to the table. You will feel the biggest improvement rather than see it when wearing these shoes, as they feature a FuelCell midsole cushioning that propels your foot forward. 

Beyond the performance capabilities, these shoes come in a sexy gray scale. There are 3 variations, two darker shades and one lighter shade, and all of them are gorgeous and versatile. You can literally pair these with pretty much anything. 

SAS Sporty Lace Up Sneaker

Designed for modern active lifestyles, this handcrafted shoe is tailored to provide exceptional support. Crafted from premium leather and breathable nylon, it boasts a trendy and unique design, ensuring both style and functionality for those on the move. With its lightweight construction and exceptional flexibility, you’ll inevitably find yourself reaching for these Sporty Lace-Ups repeatedly. Their comfort and versatility make them an irresistible choice for various occasions.

Designed for maximum comfort, these shoes feature the SAS EZ lace system, ensuring even pressure across the top of your foot. The removable SAS Contoured Everbounce footbed consists of molded polyurethane, offering a design tailored to fit and support your foot. The TRIPAD technology delivers shock-absorption and support to your three main pressure points.

New Balance Made In USA 998

Okay, one more New Balance. These shoes are based on the 998s, which originally debuted in 1993. Similar to the 996s, they derive their name from the number of years following the 990s. They were the first shoe to utilize ABZORB cushioning, which was a huge step forward in shock absorption.

Featuring a geometric design, these shoes boast a retro aesthetic that is both fun and uniquely captivating. The distinctive style sets them apart, making a bold statement for those who appreciate a touch of nostalgia. The main color is cream (despite what the pictures look like) with white and black accents. Furthermore, craftsmen meticulously create it with premium leather and precise stitching, ensuring both durability and a touch of luxury. Perfect for both performance and styling, these shoes seamlessly blend functionality with a stylish aesthetic.

SAS Tempo Lace Up Sneaker

If you’re looking for a shoe that’s not just the standard neutral sneaker re-release, the Tempo Lace Up Sneakers are it. Boasting a futuristic, bold, and artistic design, these shoes not only set the stage for innovation but also make a powerful statement in the realm of style. They come in all black, all white, or an adventurous two-tone lime green and blue variation that we LOVE. 

On the performance side of things, this athletic shoe brings innovative comfort and breathability. It’s super lightweight and wicks away sweat almost instantly. The whole thing is also anti-microbial, so you don’t have to worry about your sneakers getting nasty even if you wear them a lot (or run in them every day.)

american made

What shoes are you wearing on your next run?

We’d love to go running with ya! Just let us know when, and where, and what to wear personally, we’re hoping for a matching sweats set and those SAS Tour Mesh sneakers. They’re just the most killer running shoes we could find.

After you’re done with your workout, head over to the blog to find more shoes, workout wear, and American-made products. Whatever you’re shopping for, you can find it made in the U S of A.

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