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what to wear in a sauna

What to Wear in a Sauna: Look Snatched While You Relax

Time to sweat baby sweat in the sauna! Is there anything better than sitting back with your fave drink detoxing in a toasty sauna? We don’t think so! But, it always brings up the question . . . what do you wear in a sauna? You need something practical, comfortable, and, of course, iconic. So, let us help you find the perfect American-made look for the sauna.

Time to get HOT. Are we talking about style? Always. But, today we’re also talking about soaking up the heat in a hot and humid sauna! If you’re familiar, saunas are rooms dedicated to steamy relaxation to de-stress, detox, relieve pain, and increase your skincare game. You’ll find them all over! They’re in gyms and spas and even inside people’s homes. Do you have a sauna in your house? Jealous. 

However, if you’re new to the sauna game or just starting to get serious about it, you’re probably asking yourself what you’re supposed to be wearing to stay comfortable and reap the most benefits of a sauna sesh. Obvi you want to avoid wearing tight-fitting, heavy clothes and metal jewelry, but what should you wear???

Today, we’re sharing some of our fave sauna looks that are all perfect for the humid heat and keep you feeling confident AF despite your sweaty state. Of course, all these fits are American-made, because the only thing we care about more than our skincare is ethically sourced and produced products. So, here’s a round-up of made in the USA finds to wear in the sauna:

what to wear in a sauna

What to Wear in a Sauna: Look Snatched While You Relax 

What to Wear in a Home Sauna?

Towel Wrap 

In a home sauna, you don’t have to worry about appropriateness, you can rock whatever you want in your sauna even if it’s nothing at all ;). If you want a totally free-feeling sauna session, just wear a towel wrap! 

Go with 100% cotton towels that are super breathable and super comfortable like these ones from the American Blanket Company or these from Red Land Cotton. Both are like luxury hotel towels, making you feel comfortable and pampered through your own sauna experience. 

Lightweight Robe

If you don’t want to deal with adjusting and readjusting a towel wrap, you could also go with a lightweight robe! They’re perfect for keeping you cool with all the excess heat. You can wear nothing under your robe or you can rock a comfy swimsuit. When entering the sauna you can be all covered up and strip down to your sexy suit after things get steamy. 

The best robes? How about a 100% made in the USA cotton robe with special “cool flow” tech from American Cotton? Yes, please! That means you get the luxury hotel robe plushy goodness without seriously overheating in the sauna. Stay cool and cozy the whole time! If this one isn’t your vibe, you can go with a thinner cotton robe from Highway Robery. We LOVE the prints on these!  

Boxers and Tank

Okay, aren’t we all super comfy in our S.O.’s boxers? Seriously, men got the better part of the underwear deal. Luckily, Urban Renewal makes made in the USA boxer loungewear for women and they’re just as comfortable as the real thing. Plus, they come in six bold prints to keep your sauna game fun and fresh. Pair the boxers with this raw hem tank top for the ultimate relaxed sauna ensemble.  


It makes sense that you’d wear a swimsuit in a sauna: saunas are hot, humid, wet, and have all the summer vibes. However, not every swimsuit fabric is going to be comfortable. You want something that ‘s just water resistant, but also breathable! Finding a bathing suit that’s 100% cotton (and American-made, of course) is the way to go. We personally are in LOVE with this white knit swim top and swim bottom from Beach Riot. It’s romantic, flattering, and super comfortable for your sauna sessions. 

lightweight towel wrap

What to Wear in a Public Sauna?

Flip Flops or Rubber Slides 

When you’re getting steamy in a public place (not like that), you can still pretty much wear whatever is comfortable . . . but there is sauna etiquette that you should know. First of all, it’s a good idea to wear shoes. You know what’s not hot? Athlete’s foot. So, keep your feet and pedicure protected with some water resistant flip flops or slides!

Loose-Fitting T-Shirt and Shorts

This one has that boxer and tank vibe of the at-home sauna looks, but it provides a little more coverage! Go with this gorgeous three-piece lounge set for a monochrome ‘fit that’ll have you looking and feeling your absolute BEST while you steam it up in the sauna. Or, go with a boxy tee and athletic shorts, just keep everything loose, there’s no reason to wear tight clothes in the sauna when they’re just going to stick to you and feel gross by the end of your session! 

Swimsuit and Cover-Up

You can wear swimwear to a public sauna, too! If you choose to wear something with a little more coverage, you can still look hot without feeling the heat. Grab this gorgeous “free-est” full-coverage swim top and the matching bottoms and throw a bold cover-up overtop! You’ll look totally put-together like you’re ready for your sauna photoshoot. 

Tank and Boyfriend Shorts

Boyfriend shorts are always included in our go-to loungewear collections. Because they’re long and roomy, you can sit any way you like in that sauna and be totally comfortable and covered. Grab these terry boyfriend shorts and pair them with a lightweight cropped tank for another practical sauna look. 

Cotton Dress

For an effortlessly chic sauna look that’s also totally practical for steamy relaxation, grab a cotton dress! It’ll stay cool while giving you full-coverage while you chill out in the public sauna. This tiered sleeveless dress and this t-shirt dress are both perfect choices! They’re casual,  made with organic cotton, and, of course, American-made. Plus, both come in a lot of colors and prints to match your vibe! 

relaxing in a sauna
What’s your go-to sauna ‘fit?

A sauna look needs to be dual purpose. It must be comfortable and Instagrammable. Which one of these looks are going to sport for your next sauna sesh? And, if you need more ‘fits for your wellness routine,, browse the Miss American Made blog and check out posts like these:

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