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What To Wear To Pilates

What To Wear To Pilates

So you and your bestie have been DYING to try that new Pilates class by your work, but you’ve been putting it off ‘cause you don’t know what to wear? We say if you’re not ready to be caught by your ex in your workout wear, you’re not wearing the right stuff. Period. 

The best fitness clothing accentuates alllllllllllll the right places. You should be feeling like you’re dressed for comfort, but looking like you’re giving your ex second thoughts.

Hey, we’re not telling you to get back together with anyone. Buuuuuuuuut we do have some clothes to inspire that feeling should you be spotted on your way to your Pilates workout. Or, during for that matter. Loooooootta stretching in Pilates, just saying. 😉

Seriously, though, Pilates involves a lot of movement—stretching, bending, folding, balancing—and you want to be comfy when you’re working out. Nothing breaks a great workout focus like uncomfy clothing driving you nuts.

So if you (like us) want to show off your hot Pilates body, keep reading for today’s roundup of the baddest and best Pilates clothes (all of which are exclusively made in the USA!) 

…Aaaaaaand if you (also like us) will find any excuse not to go—don’t let clothes be your excuse next time. If we can do it, you can do it. 

What To Wear To Pilates

What To Wear To Pilates


The top you pick depends on what you’re comfortable in and your vibe. 

Running hot? We figured, ‘cause you’re looking hot, too! 😉 But seriously, tanks in breathable fabrics or a high-impact sports bra as a top might be the move for you.

Keepin’ cool? Then, long-sleeved tops might be your best bet! There are some great lightweight workout tops, or you could wear a cropped hoodie to keep you warm for your sets.

Need a totally new hoodie? Here are some American-made hoodies you NEED in your life!


There are a ton of options when it comes to bottoms to wear to a Pilates class. Leggings, sweats, athletic skirts, shorts, flared leggings (or yoga pants) all work great.

The best part about workout clothes is that they move so easily from Pilates to everyday life. Not sure how to style it? Our guides on how to style grey sweatpants and flared leggings will change your athleisure-loving life!


Choosing clothing can be such a pain sometimes… We love clothes we don’t have to match! Low effort, high-status—does it get any better?! 

Picture this: you’re scheduled for a 5 AM Pilates class. You want to snooze your alarm, but you still need to pick your ‘fit….  A whole outfit in one piece is the D R E A M when it comes to Pilates. Just throw on a jumpsuit when you finally get up and you’ll make it in no time. Snooze away, babes!


You don’t need much for Pilates, but if you’re going to wear socks without shoes, you’ll want some grippy socks.

And we all know hair ties are a girl’s best friend! We don’t want anyone’s hair getting caught up in Pilates equipment. But to be truly bestie level, they need to be American-made. These c.HAIR.i.TEE hair ties are made in Texas and Montana!

Pilates Outfits

American-Made Pilates Outfits

Matching Bra & Leggings

We looooove a matching set. Look good, feel good, and this form-fitting sports bra and leggings have us doing both!

Remember, you can re-create this outfit with any color-matching set you want! 

Leggings & A Fitted Tank

The best part about this Spacedye Slim Racerback Cropped Tank is that it goes with everything. Bright leggings, black leggings, flared leggings, you name it—this top can keep up!


Always running late? Try an oh-so-easy jumpsuit to speed up your morning process! No need for matching two pieces together, just straight vibing.

These jumpsuits will have you jumping for joy in your Pilates class:

Biker Shorts & a Fitted Long Sleeve Top

You know we love an all-black ‘fit. You could do this slim-fitting biker shorts and fitted tee combo in another color, but why would you?

Joggers & A Sports Bra

This outfit is max comfy-cute. Mix and match your sports bras with your loose-fitting joggers to see what looks best!

Favorite Sports Bras:

Favorite Joggers:

Leggings & A Cropped Top

We are feeling soooooo comfortable in these Raquel High Waist Leggings. We’re definitely wearing them all day, not just to class!

And since we’re wearing them all day, we may as well have a killer top to go with them. Take your pick!

Chic & Effortless
Are you pumped for Pilates?!

Now that we’ve got all these vibey American-made clothes to wear, we’re running to our nearest class! What are you thinking you’ll wear?

Need more? Check out these American-made workout clothes!

Shop American-Made Pilates Gear:

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