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What To Wear To A Barre Class

What To Wear To A Barre Class

Hey, baddie! Ready for barre? We’re dancing our way into the next class in American-made style. And just ‘cause we love you soooooo much, we decided to share our favorite barre babe clothing down below. Check it out!

Barre class isn’t just for wannabe ballerinas it’s for anyone who wants a full-body workout that focuses on strengthening, lengthening, and toning your muscles. It’s a combination of ballet, pilates, and strength training that will have you strong, sore, and super proud of yourself by the end of it. Because, honestly? Barre is both a  d*mn good workout and a d*mn good time, but it’s no walk in the park. You’ve gotta work for it, for sure!

And, if you want to get the most out of your barre workouts, you’ve got to wear clothing that helps you maximize the benefits of the class. Of course, you can wear whatever’s most comfortable for you, but there are certain types of clothes that’ll help you boost your training, because they allow you to see the positions you’re holding more clearly, making corrections easier. 

Plus, they’ll let you WERK IT as you workout. Because what’s more motivating than a workout wardrobe you can’t wait to show off, are we right?! That’s why today, we’re sharing a guide of American-made clothing items that’ll help you kill it at your next class!

What To Wear To A Barre Class

What To Wear To A Barre Class

Sports Bra

First things first: get the girls some support! Every piece of clothing we’re going to recommend is close-fitting and allows you and your instructor to see your joints clearly, because that’s where they’re going to be looking for alignment. This means you can wear just a sports bra as your top if you want to! 

Low-impact sports bras are the way to go when it comes to barre class you won’t need a heavy-duty ultra-supportive sports bra for this class. This is because a barre workout is more about holding your muscles in difficult positions, rather than high-impact movement that would cause a lot of bounce. 

Here are some sports bras we <3:

Crop Top

You can also try a fitted or athletic crop top to wear over your sports bra or alone! If you tend to run hot, try a cropped tank like this Anna tank or this Spacedye Allure lace high crop tank.

For a warmer option, try a long-sleeve crop top like this Power Beyond lite cardio cropped top from American-made brand Beyond Yoga. (HOT TIP this top would look great as part of an all-pink outfit! We’ve got styling tips here.)

tight fitting leggings


Pass on the flared leggings for this type of workout class you’ll want to be able to see the lines your body makes clearly so you can tell if you’re performing the exercises correctly. Tight-fitting leggings are the ideal option for this type of class.

Onzie has some great leggings worth sweating over just check out their Moto midi leggings! Or, show off your star power with these Ultracor Hypercolor ultra high leggings, which comes with a matching bra. Score! Plus, Ultracor is another great activewear brand made entirely in the USA.

Grippy Socks

Generally during barre class, you don’t wear shoes, but you’ll definitely want something that helps you grip the floor and the bar so you’re not sliding all over the place! Enter: grippy socks. And, we’re not talking the kind you get at the doctor’s. 

There are some chic options for grip socks. These Barbie Kai crew grip socks would go great with the white ribbed sports bra with pink detail we recommended. For something more basic that goes with everything, try these Experia TECHFIT no-show black grippy socks

Not a sock person? There are still options for you! These Barreletics grippy sock/shoe are the BEST studio-appropriate barre shoes. 


Since you don’t typically wear shoes during class, you’ll want to wear a pair to class that are easy to slip off. Okabashi, an American-made women’s shoe brand, makes these classic slides that come in six different colors. You could also pick up these Maxwell unisex slide sandals in one of 16 colors. Or, for something more blingy, check out these Moira slide sandals from American-made brand Oka-B.

what to wear to a barre class

Don’t let not knowing what to wear keep you from your next barre class!

Now that you know what to wear to barre to maximize your workout, it’s time to get out the door! The next class is waiting for you to get out there and kill it.

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