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what to wear to an amusement park

Roller Coaster Babe? Here’s What To Wear To An Amusement Park

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, amusement parks never get old. There’s just something about them that makes you feel excitable and totally pumped. But anytime you go anywhere, there’s the age-old question: What do I wear?!

Hey, besties! When’s the last time you went to an amusement park?

For us over at Miss American Made, we know it’s definitely time to go again! Amusement parks are one of the best places to have a freaking fantastic day that feels totally nostalgic and freeing. They’re a place people from all walks of life can enjoy, no matter the season, because there’s ALWAYS something to do! Plus, theme parks have a lot of options for activities, so even if you’re not into roller coasters, you can have a good time.

But, your outfit can DEFINITELY affect your day for better or for worse. Maybe it’s too cold and you’re freezing your ass off . . . Uhm, no thanks. Or worse yet, you’ve got too many layers and nowhere to put them, so you’re stuck carrying them around all day. And, let’s not even mention the major wardrobe malfunctions that can happen if you wear a skirt, dress, or other not-so-ride-friendly pieces. What a drag!

Obvi, we want to avoid all that mess. We want to be focused on all the fun we’re having, and forget about the clothes we’re wearing (other than when we’re accepting compliments, of course). That’s why today, we’re sharing a round-up of theme park outfit ideas! And, did we mention they’re all American-made?! They wouldn’t be the best park outfit options if they weren’t! 😉

Amusement Park Outfits

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What To Wear To An Amusement Park

What To Wear When It’s Cold Outside

Matching Set

Here at Miss American Made, you know we love a matching set! It’s effortless to style, yet looks so put together. Plus, they’re usually super comfortable—perfect for a long day of walking around and riding roller coasters.

Try this matching Bolt Logo hoodie and sweatpants—or any of the sets from Aviator Nation. They’re an American-made brand that makes dope clothing with a vintage feel.

You’ll be doing a LOT of walking, so make sure you’ve got good walking shoes on! Check out these SAS Sporty Lux shoes if you need a recommendation!

Jeans + Sweatshirt

This one is pretty basic, but in a classic way. Start with your favorite pair of jeans and a basic tee, then pull on a sweatshirt. To switch up your options with this outfit, you could try a crewneck, a quarter zip, or a hoodie. (And if you’re going to the amusement park, why not grab a vintage Mickey Mouse crewneck for the PERFECT Disney World outfit?) 

Jean Jacket

Jackets are the move when it comes to heading to the amusement park in cooler weather! You want to make sure you stay warm and layer up. A jean jacket will definitely do the trick in this weather!

Pair a jean jacket with a top of choice underneath—you could do a tee, a long sleeve, or even a hoodie if you want! Then, pull on some leggings, or go for the all-denim look with a pair of jeans.

Leather Jacket

You might think a leather jacket is out of place for an amusement park, but if you’re going when it’s cold, we think: why not? The leather will totally keep you warm, and you’ll look like a baddie to boot. So you might as well!

Try this LA-Made cropped leather jacket with a long-sleeve thermal tee and a pair of jeans or leggings.

Puffer Jacket

This outfit’s for when it’s REALLY cold outside and you’re heading to the parks. You don’t want the cold metal of those rides and seats touching you! If a lightweight jacket won’t cut it, it’s time to turn to your American-made winter wear for help. Throw on a warm puffer jacket over this Ski Weekend jumpsuit and tank top. Finish it up with your fave warm shoes, and you’re ready to go!

Casual Amusement Park Outfit

Don’t think too much about it! You really can keep it simple and show up in leggings, a hoodie, and sneakers, and have a d*mn good time! This outfit is a great time-saver and feels totally comfortable for a long day hanging out at the park. Plus, we’ve got lots of American-made hoodie options  and sneaker options for you to consider, so even if you’re going multiple days in a row, you can switch this outfit up!

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What To Wear When It’s Hot Outside

Jean Shorts + Graphic Tee

You can literally NEVER go wrong with a jean shorts and graphic tee outfit. It’s easy to style and super comfortable; the ideal attire for a day at the theme park! 

We like these Hayden low-rise boyfriend shorts paired with this “Wait! The Champagne!” graphic tee. Throw your hair up into a low pony and pull on a baseball cap to keep your face protected from the sun, then grab a belt bag so you can have a hands-free experience. It’ll hold your phone, your hand sanitizer, your wallet, your sun protection (don’t forget that SPF, babe!), and anything else you need, easy-peasy!

You’ll want to wear comfortable shoes when heading to the parks, so grab your chunky white sneakers and head out!


You’ve got a lot of options with this outfit! Most athleisure is going to be appropriate for a day at the park, so go with your gut and put on what you like best. You could wear a matching tank and skirt set, a sporty spice dress, or an athletic jumpsuit. Either way, you’ll be staying cool and looking HAWT! (Pro tip: Make sure to wear biker shorts under skirts or dresses if you’re going on some wild rides.) 

Matching Set

Of course, matching sets aren’t only for cooler weather! You can totally rock a warm weather matching set. They’re just as effortlessly chic and they’re super comfy!

These DANZY sweat shorts are made with a light sweatshirt fleece that won’t get too hot throughout the day. Pop the matching sweatshirt over a tank top in the morning when it’s cool, then tie it around your waist in the afternoon as it gets warmer!

Biker Shorts + Top

The best thing about this outfit is its versatility. Just pick your favorite pair of biker shorts and pair them with any top that makes you feel like a queen! You really can’t go wrong here—we can see this ‘fit working with an oversized tee, a cropped tank, a basic white tee, you name it!

T-Shirt Dress

This outfit is pretty simple, but totally cool, which is the vibe we’re going for when it comes to amusement parks! Pick out a t-shirt dress, a pair of biker shorts, something to keep you warm if you need it, and a some comfortable shoes, and you’re ready to hit those rides!

Shorts + Tank + Button-Down

This fit’s another good option for when you’re hitting the park early and you’re in for a brisk morning, but hot afternoon. Grab a pair of shorts—biker shorts, linen shorts, sweat shorts, or jean shorts, anything will do! Pull on your favorite tank top, then add an unbuttoned button-down. Don’t forget your sun hat or your belt bag to tie together the look! 

amusement park outfits
Now that you’ve got some ‘fit ideas, you’re ready to hit the parks!

We hope you found the PERFECT amusement park look that’s not only practical and comfortable, but totally picture-ready. Because it wouldn’t be a theme park if it wasn’t instagrammable, are we right?!

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