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Your Latest Morning Pick-Me-Up: 6 American Coffee Beans

Everyone needs a lil’ something in the morning to kick start their day. For most of us, that lil’ something is COFFEE. Seriously, if you feel like you can’t get out of bed without a cup of coffee, you’re not alone. But, have you ever thought about where your coffee comes from?

Did you know that Americans drink 400 million cups of coffee per day? Not only is it popular in the US, but it’s also one of the most popular drinks in the world. We can’t get by without our morning cup of joe, and we have a feeling neither can you! 

But, of course, not all coffees are made the same. You know by now why buying American-made is important it helps the local economy, it ensures you’re getting high-quality products, and it decreases your carbon footprint. But that’s not all when it comes to coffee! It’s also seriously the BEST coffee you can get your hands on.

The United States imports a LOT of coffee (like $8.89 BILLION worth), but it doesn’t produce nearly as much as it imports, despite American-grown coffee being the best coffee around. This is because, much like tea, coffee plants only flourish in countries with tropical climates, so this morning staple literally CAN’T be grown in most of the USA.

Lucky for us, though, two states have been able to grow coffee beans on American soil: Hawaii and California. While most coffee companies are located in the tropical Kona Coffee Belt on the Big Island in Hawaii, California has recently been making strides toward developing a coffee belt of their own! 

So, today, we’re going to be sharing a round-up of companies that sell American-grown coffee beans. What are you waiting for? Grab your American-made coffee mug and let’s get into it!

American Coffee Beans

6 American Coffee Beans

Bad Ass Coffee

Bad Ass Coffee gets its name from the donkeys of Kona, Hawaii, who carried loads of coffee down the steep mountains of the Big Island. The native people of Kona called the donkeys “The Bad Ass Ones” because of how strong and stubborn they were as they carried the coffee down the mountain.

The coffee itself features a smooth, medium body with notes of fruit and nut. These coffee plants are grown in volcanic soil, giving the coffee a distinct flavor profile unlike other coffees. Bad Ass Coffee also sells drinkware, apparel, brewing tools, and tea.

Big Island Coffee Roasters

Big Island Coffee Roasters began as a run-down coffee farm in Puna, Hawaii. Within 3 years, Big Island Coffee Roasters had made a Grand Champion coffee in the Hawai’i Coffee Association Statewide Cupping Competition. Since then, the company has gone on to be listed as one of the best coffee roasters in the U.S. by Forbes, Thrillist, Food & Wine, Good Housekeeping, Spruce Eats, and Honolulu Magazine. The company has an array of flavors for sale on their website, along with gifts and merch. 

Blue Horse Kona Coffee

Blue Horse Kona Coffee uses shade grown 100% arabica coffee beans, which are sweeter and less acidic than other coffees. These freshly roasted coffee beans are pesticide and herbicide free, meaning you can feel good about the chemicals in your mug and your coffee!

premium American Coffee Beans

California Coffee Collective

Coffee for the California Coffee Collective grows on Rancho Filoso, or “Sharp Ranch,” named after the Sharp Family who has been farming the land since 1882. For the last three generations, the ranch has been cultivated by boss b*tch women farmers who aim to identify, promote, and nurture women in the male-dominated agriculture industry. Can we get a hell yeah?!

The Collective’s collections are currently sold out, but be sure to check back for their 2024 brews!

Carta Coffee Merchants

Carta Coffee Merchants grow small batch, hand-harvested coffee on Nolyssa Farm, a mixed elevation 6-acre piece of land in Kona, Hawaii. They also source beans from select small, sustainably-minded farms throughout Kona. They have a few different roasts, as well as a coffee subscription!

Good Land Organics

The Good Land Organics Estate is just outside the normal geographic range of coffee, tucked into a frost-free microclimate in Santa Barbara Country. It’s grown at an altitude of 180 meters, but it has the feel of many high elevation coffees due to the unique climate. They grow small batches annually that have gained international attention for their flavor profile: complex and sweet. 

authentic American Coffee Beans

The best cup of coffee you’ll ever have is an American cup of coffee. 

You know when you’re having a rough day and a good cup of coffee can turn everything around? That’s American-grown coffee for you. Delicious, premium coffee, made right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. You KNOW it doesn’t get better than that!

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