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11 Best American-Made Denim Jackets

Today we’re rounding up one of the most E S S E N T I A L wardrobe staples around the denim jacket. Because any baddie NEEDS to have a solid, American-made denim jacket in their rotation. It’ll literally last for years without ever going out of style. Three cheers for sustainable fashion, babes!

Here at Miss American Made, we LOVE a denim jacket. Why? It’s a CLASSIC wardrobe staple that has sooooo much versatility. You can literally wear a jean jacket any time of the year, and it will always be on trend! Plus, it can add just the right vibe to so many outfits. 

But of course, you can’t just buy any denim jacket you see in the store. Some of those jackets exhibit poor craftsmanship and will break down after only a season or two. Which, like, WTF, right? That is SO not the vibe. 

That’s why it’s super  important to buy American-made denim jackets.

When you buy a jacket made in the USA, you can trust that artisans have crafted it to last, using high-quality materials and adhering to fair labor practices.

We know you need a killer jacket like that in your life, so today, we rounded up some of the best American-made denim jackets!

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11 Best American-Made Denim Jackets

Union Made Denim Jacket

This jacket was made for cooler weather activities (hockey game, anyone?), as it’s made with a heavy 14.5 ounce 100% cotton denim. It’s embellished with two chest pockets and silver buttons. It’s also got side pockets, so you can hold everything you need without having to carry a purse! (Unless you’re the girl who needs to bring everything but the kitchen sink we get it, boo. Here’s our best American-made handbags!) This jacket it simple, classic, and practical.

Thunderbird Jacket

This is a dope jacket, not only for the style, but also for the symbolism. We make and chainstitch every Thunderbird jacket right here in the USA. It’s a dark wash jacket with a corduroy collar. 

What makes it really special is the stitching of a Thunderbird underneath the collar and hidden in the left cuff. This Thunderbird “faces east” in the early stages of wearing your jacket, but over time becomes etched into the cuff as the jacket fades with the seasons, to “face the west.” It symbolizes seasons changing along your journey. Cool AF, right? If you’re looking for a sentimental piece, this is one for you!

Cotton Jean Jacket

Okay, okay we’ll admit it. This isn’t a REAL jean jacket. But it looks and functions so much like one, we couldn’t resist. Ramblers Way elevated the iconic jean jacket look using lightweight luxe cotton broadcloth made from 100% American-grown Pima cotton. This allows you to create your fave jean jacket looks without being weighed down by heavy denim!

Rave Denim Jacket

Looking for something to wear to a festival or your next outdoor concert? This one’s for you, baddie! The Rave denim jacket features a charcoal color, silver-tone buttons, and two buckle closures at the bottom. Constructed from midweight 100% cotton denim fabric, it ensures warmth without causing overheating. It’s got an edgy look that totally vibes with a leather skirt and lace-up boots

Janelle Slim Jacket

We absolutely LOVE this Janelle slim jacket we’ve used it in SO many outfits because it’s crazy versatile! It comes in multiple colors like white, tan, black, and blue denim. It’s got side seam and breast pockets, again adding to the practicality of the jacket! The edges of the jacket fray, adding a subtle pop of visual interest that will have you reaching for this one again and again. 

Koda Colorblock Crop Jacket

If you’re into the color blocking trend, this is a great option for you! The Koda colorblock crop jacket is a white jacket with black hems, cuffs, and pocket flaps. It’s made out of a stretch denim fabric, so it’s super comfy to wear. Pair it with more black and white pieces, or switch it up and add in a pop of color! It’s totally up to you, babe. 

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Grayford Jacket

If you’re looking for a more masculine denim jacket, check out this jacket made from selvedge denim from Cone Mills White Oak. It replicates a 1900s French workwear jacket, exuding all the rugged vibes and certainly designed to last. Style it the way you would any oversized jacket! You can make a softer ensemble by adding feminine details or make an edgier look by adding more sharp lines and geometry to your outfit.

The Drop Pillow Talk Puffer Crop

We are digging jackets that mix have a mix of texture. This Drop Pillow Talk puffer crop jacket looks like the perfect winter wear at the top, with puffer jacket material on the first third of the jacket.

Then, quilted denim fabric comprises the bottom two-thirds, maintaining the same volume as the puffer material.

It’s got both zipper and button closures, and it’s got side zip pockets. We def recommend trading one of your lighter winter jackets for this stylish piece! 

SNACKS! The Big Bite Jacket

Now here’s the ideal oversized jacket for all our baddies out there! This jacket is made of a light blue structured denim fabric, and it’s made to fit like, WAY oversized. It’s perfect for wearing over a hoodie to your next football game or other cooler weather activities! 

Stoked Bolt Smiley Oversized Cutoff Denim Jacket

This oversized cutoff denim jacket from Aviator Nation is VIBEY AF. With a large smiley patch on the back and a checkered pattern on the sleeve, you’re sure to stand out when wearing this jacket. It’s got all the vintage feel, and it’s made in the USA! What could be better?! 

Landing Jacket

American Trench makes this red canvas jacket made from 10 oz bull denim twill, which is absolutely gorgeous and stain-resistant for easy cleaning. It molds to your shape more with each wear, so after a few months, it will have completely personalized to you! Don’t worry about being delicate with this one it’s got hefty hardware. Fabric that’s made to last and fit you like a glove. 

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Now that you’ve got your options, which jacket are you going to choose?!

We are LOVING all this American-made style, we can’t choose just one to add to our collection! So what’ll it be for you? Let us know!

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