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Three pairs of sunglasses on the pavement with the shadow of a woman's hand

15 Sunglasses Made in USA

Wanna boost your outfits in 10 seconds or less? One word for you, babe: sunglasses. Sunglasses are THE accessory for fun AND function, keeping our eyes safe while helping our looks LOOK. Need we say more? Here’s our round-up of the best sunnies made in America!

If you can count on anything from us, it’s that we’re sure as hell not stepping outside without our sunnies. 

Why? First of all, quality sunglasses protect our eyes from the harsh sun. We’re all about protecting our bodies to stay healthy and look youthful, and that includes our eyes, too. But beyond that—sunglasses can instantly elevate an outfit from cute to killer. They’re the missing piece to soooooo many looks!

But not all sunglasses are made equal, of course. We want sunglasses made with care, built from premium materials, and designed to last for more than a season. That’s why it’s so important to buy American-made

Made in USA sunglasses are usually made with the highest-quality lenses and frames, so they last longer and protect better. That’s why today, we’re sharing a round-up of all the best American-made sunnies!

Sunglasses Made in USA

15 Sunglasses Made in USA

Lucinda Sunglasses

Looking for a vintage vibe with your sunnies? American Optical modeled these sunglasses after their very own Cosmetan Collection from the 50s and 60s. The sunglasses from that collection featured laminated fabric prints and colors previously unheard of for glasses. 

Now, the Lucinda glasses offer a striking but soft cat-eye look with acetate frames. They totally evoke the same vibe as the laminated fabric patterns of the 50s and 60s, but in an elevated, modern way.  

Amelia Sunglasses

They named these frames after another baddie we all look up to: Amelia Earheart, the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic. Featuring a teardrop shape and lightweight lenses, these aviator-style sunnies are a great complement to your pieces from Aviator Nation—they’ve got that carefree, summer fun, 70s vibe. 

These glasses come in an array of color combos, but we’re especially loving the 22K rose gold frames with rose gold lenses. Can you say “PINK IS BACK!”? Cause it’s back, babe!

BONUS: You can customize these frames with polarized/non-polarized lenses and a personalized engraving. So, you can basically make them your perfect pair of sunglasses. 

Wabash Sun Sunglasses

These sunglasses come with a story! They’re named after Wabash Avenue in Chicago, the street where Chicago jewelers relocated after the Great Chicago Fire. You wanna talk badass entrepreneurs? Some inspired these sunglasses!. 

The sunnies themselves feature a subtle rectangular cat-eye shape, made from acetate frames. They come in four colors. Stand out with chalk violet or lilac candy, go for a more edgy look with slate galaxy, or shine with pyrite galaxy.

Ada Butterfly Sunglasses

Have you been looking for BIG, “celeb hiding from the paps” type sunglasses that cover, like, your WHOLE face? Butterfly-shaped frames are what you’re looking for. We’re loving these frames for their natural wood finish, while the vibey purple polarized lenses are both protective and stylish. It’s the perfect finishing touch on a pool party outfit or your fave beachwear.

California Sun Sunglasses

Named after The California Clipper bar on California Ave in Chicago, these glasses are reminiscent of a time when the vibes were just groovier. The acetate frames have a sharp cat-eye shape at the top and a rounded bottom that complements most face shapes. Plus, they come in three colors, so literally something for ev-ery-one. 

Edgy Sunglasses Made in USA

Saratoga Sunglasses

You’ve been to kindergarten. You get the importance of the basics. And these tortoiseshell sunnies certainly aren’t a boring basic—they’re a classic, timeless look that goes with everything kind of basic. 

American Optical made these Saratoga frames with lightweight, impact resistant acetate. The lenses feature a smudge-resistant coating! Famously worn by JFK, these sunglasses are a powerhouse in their own right. Wear them to feel like a bad b*tch.

Milwaukee Sunglasses

The Milwaukee sunglasses, named after Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago, have a cat-eye shape and acetate frames with a gorgeous ombre effect. The lenses sport a similar ombre effect, and we love the dramatic matchy-matchy nature of this design. These Milwaukee sunglasses have a subtle charm to them, able to blend seamlessly with any outfit and activity.

Shuron Freeway Sunglasses

The Shuron Freeway sunglasses are a classic sunglass shape. They come in a variety of colors, including amber, black, white, and tortoiseshell. They’re made of plastic, which makes them lightweight and durable. These sunglasses are also androgynous, which is perfect if you’re not wanting something super feminine or girly. 

Steeplechase Sunglasses

These rounded cat-eye sunglasses have a sexy, chic flair to them that gives the wearer an air of intrigue. They come in several color options, from baddie black to sure-to-standout canary yellow. These sunnies boast a handcrafted design, made in NYC with Carl Zeiss lenses and acetate frames. All good things! 

Angie Cat Eye Sunglasses

Wanna combo the romantic vibes of the cat-eye frames with the vintage feel of natural wood frames? These are the sunnies for you. They come with polarized lenses in ice blue, smoked black, pink, rose gold, or sunburst. We’ll have them in all five colors, please. 

Sebring Sunglasses

Sebring sunglasses take the classic aviator shape and make it more feminine, softening the lines and making it wearable by more face shapes. The frames and lenses are customizable, giving you options for tons of color combos.

P3 Fusion Sunglasses

Whimsical, vintage vibes with a modern take—that’s what the P3 Fusion sunnies are bringing to the table. They have groovy round gold frames and dreamy gradient lenses that make the sunglasses striking and totally unique. The polarized lenses offer better eye protection as well, meaning these are pretty and practical.

Vanguard Sunglasses

Talk about a statement piece! These bold, thick tapered rectangular frames were named after NYC’s Village Vanguard, and they are just as full of life. These NYC-made sunglasses, handcrafted from Italian acetate and Carl Zeiss lenses, belong in every baddie’s closet.

Rose Sunglasses

These rounded frames are feminine and effortlessly chic. The frames received their name from the famous reading room at New York’s main Public Library. Made from the highest quality materials, these sunglasses are ready for work or play. 

Be the sexy girl next door or corporate boss b*tch in these sunglasses from Lowercase! You can grab them in 4 different colors from traditional tortoise or playful plum.

Concorde Sunglasses

Looking for a pair of iconic aviators? These aviators were named after the Concorde Supersonic passenger airliner. They’re made with rose gold frames and rose gold lenses, giving new meaning to putting on your rose-colored glasses!

The lenses are polarized, giving superior protection to your eyes. Making these sunnies involved over 200 steps of handcrafting in the USA, ensuring exceptional quality that will seriously not disappoint! 

Modern Sunglasses Made in USA

Ready for some fun in the sun? Make sure you’ve got a good pair of sunnies with you.

You want premium, highly protective sunglasses that look as good as you do—so your best bet is American-made sunnies. They’ll be the longest-lasting, most effortlessly chic pairs of sunglasses you’ll find on the market. And with sunglasses like these, the possible looks are E N D L E S S.

Can’t wait to wear your new sunnies out on the town? Book an outdoor concert to enjoy, try rock them out at Top Golf, or head down to your nearest country club to get all the fun, sunny vibes in. And when you’re done with that, you can check out our blog for more style tips and made in USA recommendations.

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