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What To Wear To A Baptism for Moms, Godparents AND Guests

Got a baptism coming up? Freaking out about what to wear? Don’t worry, baddies! We have your back. Here’s how you can dress appropriately for a baptism while still looking like your bad*ss self!

If you’ve never been to a baptism before, let us give you the DL. It’s a super important religious ceremony for some people it’s the day where someone (often a child, but not always) is dedicated to, typically, the Christian God. It’s also the day where the child gets godparents, who will help the parents care for the child as they grow and serve as parents if needed.

So basically, it’s a BIG deal. But if you’ve never been to a baptism ceremony before, you might be wondering WTF (Or, should we say, what the heck) to wear to show your love and respect for this tradition and/or the people celebrating it. Don’t worry, babes! We’ve got your back.

Today, we’re sharing a round-up of chic baptism outfits for moms, godparents, and guests. So, no matter the reasons or your attendance, you’ll be covered, girl! And, did we mention all the ‘fits are American-made?! It wouldn’t be Miss American Made if they weren’t, after all. 

Baptism Outfits

Generally, people dress modestly in clothing ranging from smart casual to formal, since baptisms typically happen in a church. Of course, some churches are much more casual while others have a strict dress code, so be sure to ask before you dress! You want to make sure you’re feeling comfortable in your baptism attire, and a big portion of that can come from matching the dress code. 

A lot of people wear white when attending a baptism, because it symbolizes the purity and “rebirth” of the person being dedicated. If you’re not wearing white, you’ll probably want to stick with brighter and lighter prints and colors, as this formal event is a celebration!

And just so we have EVERYONE covered, a good baptism outfit for men includes dress slacks, a smart button-up shirt, and dress shoes. No flip flops here, folks! This is the time to show up and show OUT!

What To Wear To A Baptism

What To Wear To A Baptism

Baptism Outfits for Moms

All-White ‘Fit

If you’re the mom of a child who’s getting baptized, a white dress is a great option for you! Your child will most likely be wearing white, too, so your pictures will look clean and crisp with your matching outfits. If you want to keep the monochrome look, pair it with a white purse and some white sandals.

Floral ‘Fit

Florals are another stylish option to choose to wear to a baptism. They’re generally happy prints, and they photograph well. You can match the vibe especially well if you go with a white floral, like this baby blue and white floral dress. Slip on a pair of white slides, grab your bag, and you’re ready to go!

Pretty in Pink ‘Fit

Like we said, bright and light colors are best suited for baptisms. If white’s not your color and floral aren’t your thing, don’t sweat it! There are tons of other options for you. Just take this silk knit midi sleeveless dress in orchid for example. It’s got the perfect vibe for a baptism: modest, slightly professional, and happy! 

Of course, some churches prefer that you avoid sleeveless clothing, so you might need a blazer to make it work. Which is NEVER a bad thing, are we right? Blazers totally elevate an outfit, no matter what you’re working with. 

Grab your gold jewelry, your handbag, and your dressy slides, and this outfit is complete!

Matching Mommy + Me Outfits

Dressing for a baptism as a mom can be as simple as copy + paste! Baptisms are the IDEAL time to whip out a little mommy and me outfit. Just try this Yani dress in white and the matching Yanet dress in white for your little one. Accessorize with a belt and some fancy cowgirl boots! So cute!

classy outfits to a baptism

Baptism Outfits for Godparents

Baby Blue Floral ‘Fit

As a godparent, you don’t want to steal the show, but you definitely want to look your best. You’ll be in a LOT of the baptism photos, after all! This blue dress with puff sleeves is a great option for a godparent it’s elegant, modest, and the print isn’t too attention-grabbing. Pair with white wedges and a white bag, and you’re totally vibing!

Dress + Blazer  ‘Fit

If you’re looking through your closet and only finding dresses fit for attending a wedding that’s okay, boo! We can totally make that work. 

Just take the dress, like this strappy green dress, and pair it with a blazer. Keep the shoes simple, with low heels. Then finish it off with a timeless back shoulder bag and get out the door!

All-White ‘Fit

If you’re attending as a godparent and mom wants you to wear white, then you WEAR WHITE! And you’ll look d*mn good in this white dress with a flounce hem. It’s modest and classy, but its hem gives it a little bit of fun and flair. Pair it with a white bag and some white sandals and this ‘fit is made, babe!

“Pink Is The New White” Look

Pink is just such a killer color, and it’s totally been having its moment lately. And for good reason pink is a dynamic color that looks good on EVERYONE in at least one shade. We love it so much, we even wrote an article on all-pink outfits!

This pink outfit is sure to WOW just like the rest of them. Start with a pink corset midi dress and pair with a jacket. If you want a more casual look, grab a denim jacket. For something more edgy, a leather jacket provides a nice contrast to the sweet baby pink. Or, if you want to keep it formal, you can never go wrong with a blazer!

effortless baptism outfits

Baptism Outfits for Guests

Blue Monochrome ‘Fit

When you attend a baptism as a guest, you want to make sure you’re still following the modest dress code. You probably won’t wear white, since you’re not a part of the baptismal party, but light colors like pastels or neutral colors are great options. 

Take this powder blue midi dress for example. This dress is a great option for a guest because it’s chic, modest, and understated. We’ve been loving monochrome looks lately, especially with dresses, so grab a blue bag of your choice you can keep it classy or go for a more casual option. Finish off the look with a pair of blue sandals,

Dress + Jacket ‘Fit

This is similar to the dress and blazer outfit for godparents, but a little more subtle for when you’re attending as a guest. Take a neutral dress like this taupe midi dress and pair it with a blazer or jacket of your choosing. We like this Janelle slim jacket. Slip on a pair of mules and throw your bag over your shoulder, and you’re ready to celebrate!

Long-Sleeve Dress

If you’re attending a winter baptism, short sleeves probably won’t be enough. SO, here’s a long-sleeved option for you! This tie-front long sleeve dress would go perfectly with a pair of chelsea boots and a black clutch. Plus, you can where this to plenty of other events outside a baptism!

What are you wearing to the next baptism?

Now that you’ve got some chic outfit ideas to wear to a baptism, it’s time to choose your ‘fit! We know whatever you pick, you’ll be looking classy AF. 

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