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What To Wear To a super bowl party

The Super Bowl is here, which means it’s time to P A R T Y. Or, more realistically, time for hanging out and watching the game with the rest of the nation. But just because it’s a casual night doesn’t mean you can’t look good! You can and will with these killer outfit ideas.

It’s time for another Super Bowl, baddies! Whether you’re into football for the actual football, for TSwift tea, or for the half-time show, you’re probably headed to a Super Bowl party sometime soon. Because let’s face it, everyone is this is one of those can’t miss events that brighten up a dreary winter. 

Plus, between all the food, funny commercials, and good vibes, they’re a ton of fun. But figuring out what to wear can be trick you definitely have to think about the weather, obviously you want to look like a baddie, but ultimately… you’re sitting in front of a TV for a few hours. So comfort is a big deal, too!

That’s why today, we’re sharing a round-up of super bowl party outfits that’ll keep you comfy-cozy while looking HOT.

super bowl party fashion

What To Wear To a Super Bowl Party

Team Hoodie + Denim Jacket

You literally can NEVER go wrong with a denim jacket. It’s just one of those staples that’ll always be cool. So if you’re a super fan and you’ve got a team hoodie ready to go, but you want to dress it up a little, pair it with a denim jacket for an effortless girl-next-door look. 

Matching Set

Listen, comfort is a major goal of a super bowl outfit, so if you want to max out the comfy while still looking sleek and put together, a matching set is the fit for you. Try this Bolt Cropped Classic Crewneck from Aviator Nation with the matching 5 Stripe Sweatpants. Then, complete the look with some chunky white sneakers.

Team Sweatshirt + Flared Leggings

This is a fit for our real football fans whose team actually made it to the bowl if you’ve got a team sweatshirt, now is the BEST time to wear it. You can keep your outfit simple by matching it with a pair of flared leggings. Oh, and def add some simple jewelry to make this look NFL-wife-worthy.

PS: here are our tips on how to style flared leggings!

gameday glam

Team Sweatshirt + Leather Pants

If you want another idea to level up your team sweatshirt try pairing it with a pair of leather or faux leather pants. Keep the simple jewelry and add some low-top chic sneakers into the mix you won’t be disappointed with this fit.


A football game is the ideal time to whip out your elevated athleisure, because let’s face it, you look DAMN GOOD in workout wear. Show everyone how sporty spice you are with this Beyond Yoga Spacedye Vitality Pullover Top and this Heather Rib Practice High Waisted Pant. Pull on those chunky white sneakers and get ready to cheer on the halftime show! Oops, we mean cheer on the football teams!

Jeans + Tee + Trucker Cap

You can’t go wrong with your favorite pair of jeans and a tee. Make your allegiance known with a team tee, or keep it simple with a basic black tee. Whatever you’re wearing, you’ll look good in this classic outfit with just a few chic touches like a thin gold necklace and an elevated trucker cap. More eyes will be on you than the game!  

trendy super bowl outfits
No matter what you’re wearing to this year’s Super Bowl party, we know you’ll look good.

Why? Because you’re wearing only the best American-made clothes. When your clothes are premium quality, you can’t help but look good. Plus, what better way to celebrate an American sport than with some American-made clothes, right?

So now that you know what you’re looking for, head to our shop to find the best pieces for your game day outfit. Then, head over to the blog for more styling advice and product recommendations!

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