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what to wear with green pants

Green Is The New Jean: What To Wear With Green Pants

Looking for your new style obsession? Look no further, babe! Green pants are the move when it comes to switching up your wardrobe. They’re versatile, totally on trend, and make you look d*mn good! What more could you ask for???

Getting bored of wearing just jeans all the time? We get it, girl! While denim pants are obviously a tried-and-true closet staple, they can become a little blah if you don’t switch it up. And, while jeans make things easy because you can typically wear them with anything, they’re not the ONLY solid base for a bomb ‘fit. Move over, denim, green pants are coming through!

You might be thinking, “but, what can I even wear with green pants?” And if that’s you, babe, this post is DEFINITELY for you! Green pants are a great alternative to denim, blue, black, white, and brown pants

Like denim, green pants can actually function as a neutral item of clothing. We see green hanging out with every color in nature all the time from green plants to green animals, you’ll see green absolutely vibing with every color of the rainbow. So why not take a lil’ inspo from the world outside when putting your ‘fits together? 

Not to mention, green pants can instantly elevate your outfit from dull to dazzling! Plus, they totally liven up your wardrobe rotation, ESPECIALLY when you feel like you’re stuck in a rut. That’s why today, we’re sharing some killer green pants outfit ideas for you to try out! Let’s get into it.

what to wear with green pants

What To Wear With Green Pants

Denim Jackets

If you don’t have this wardrobe staple in your closet, it would shock us. Buuuuut, we’ll also show you all the best American-made denim jackets because seriously, everyone NEEDS a denim jacket in your rotation. It’s E S S E N T I A L! 

Plus. denim jackets like this Conway zip denim jacket are a great option to wear with green pants. Both denim and green pants can work as a neutral, so when you’re wearing a denim jacket with green pants, you can be a little loud with your shirt! Maybe you go for a pattern, maybe you go for a bold color, maybe you go for another neutral to keep it simple and elevated. It’s totally up to you!

White Blouses

You don’t necessarily have to use green pants as a neutral article of clothing when styling them they can be paired with other neutrals and still look just as stunning. White blouses like this sleeveless Fabienne top are the perfect choice for when you want your green pants to be the focal piece of your look! And, depending on the type of green pants you choose, the flowy, light fabric of the blouse can create the perfect juxtaposition to boxy or tight-fitting green pants for an ICONIC style moment. 

Neutral Tops

Similarly to white blouses, neutral and earthy colors like tans, browns, and blacks look gorgeous with green pants and allow the pants to really shine. Or, they can simply blend with the green pants, and give you a subtle and put together look. It’ll give you the opportunity to experiment more with shape and texture if the colors are cohesive. This butter tank bodysuit or sleeveless twist top would look amazing when wearing olive green pants!

what to wear with green pants

Colorful Tops

The best thing about green pants is that they can function as a neutral piece (just like with camo pants)! And if you’re going to use them as the neutral base of your outfit, you can’t be afraid of mixing in a lil’ color. Just a little! Deep colors like this colgate maroon tee or bright colors like this long sleeve crew neck top work perfectly with green pants. Plus, both tops are manufactured by American-made brand LAmade, so you know you’re getting quality garments with these choices!

Leather Jackets

If you ask us, picking an outfit with green pants is the perfect time to pick up your leather motorcycle jacket. A killer closet staple plus ANOTHER killer closet staple? That’s a power move, baddies! Plus, leather totally sets the tone for everyone who sees you: there’s a bad*ss b*tch in the room, and she’s not taking ANY sh*t!

Why does a leather jacket work so well with green pants? The heavy, glossy material combined with lighter more textural bottoms creates the perfect contrast to balance any ‘fit. It brings so much visual interest, yet it’s SO easy to style! 

green pants outfit ideas

Green Pants Outfit Ideas

White Blouse Outfit

When styling a silky white blouse like this Emilia blouse with green pants, you want to wear a pair of pants that really POPS. We love this Marbeau pant for its deep forest green and it’s contrasting rough texture they’re sure to stand out against the bright white shirt. For the full ‘fit, slide on your buckle mules and grab your leather shoulder bag before heading out the door!

Pink + Green Queen

It’s no secret that we love pink, and thanks to the Barbie movie, we’ve got a LOT of options for pink outfits. But, did you know pink and green can make a killer combo, too? Just try wearing these Delena cargo pants with this Verona crop long sleeve top and some chunky white sneakers for a Y2K-inspired ‘fit! 

Denim Doll

If you’re growing tired of denim jeans but still adore denim, don’t fret! You can mix in your denim with a denim jacket, like this Christi oversized reversible denim jacket. Wear it with an undershirt like this Roosevelt turtleneck and pair it with these poly pleated straight leg pant and some low-top sneakers.

Leather Jacket Baddie

We already know that leather jackets go great with jeans, and that’s also true for green jeans like these relaxed fit bull denim jeans from Los Angeles Apparel (another great brand making clothes in the USA)! Cuff the jeans to show off your combat boots, and then pull on this spaghetti tank camisole and this leather jacket with braided detail. Then, you’re all set and ready to tackle all your bad b*tch business!

Comfy-Casual Green Pants ‘Fit

If you’re going for more of a laid back vibe, these flare leggings outfit ideas are a good option for you. Just take a pair of flare leggings, like these Spacedye 90’s low rise flare leggings from Beyond Yoga, and grab a comfortable shirt like this Tokyo crop shirt. For shoes, choose from chunky white sneakers, low-top sneakers, or a pair of slides.

What are you wearing with your green pants?

Got a ‘fit idea we didn’t cover? Let us know! We’d love to see what you’re wearing with your green pants lately.

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