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dresses made in usa

Snatched and Sustainable Dresses Made in the USA

It’s no secret that most of the clothes on the store racks are imported . . . and with that comes cheap, unethical labor; loads of carbon emissions; and sh*t quality.

This is why it’s so important to use here at Miss American Made to buy and support ONLY made-in-the-USA clothing brands

We’re on a mission to help you stock your closet with sustainably made fashion that feels as good as it looks! And we don’t just mean the quality fabric. We mean it feels good to support local businesses, ethical labor, and eco-friendly options. 

On the blog, you can find everything from American-made denim jackets and purses to athleisure and sunglasses . . . so what’s missing? DRESSES! No matter the season, we all need dresses in our collection! Whether casual or formal, you need American-made ‘fits that will make you look and feel your best. 

So, with that in mind, here are some must-have American-made dresses:

Sustainable Dresses Made in the USA

Only the Best of the Best Dresses Made in the USA

Maxi Dresses Galore

Strapless Evening Gown

You probably don’t need an evening gown every weekend, but when you do have a big event, you want to look AMAZING. And this gold satin maxi dress from American-made brand Lucy in the Sky will bring all those eyes on you, baddie!  

The dress is floor length, strapless, and has a romantic pullback closure that can be tied back into an elegant bow. Plus, the drapey silhouette is so sexy and sophisticated! Wear this gown on a fancy dinner date, to prom, an awards night, or other special occasion. If the gold isn’t your vibe, it also comes in black and blue! With some made-in-the-USA crystal jewelry, you are going to be STUNNING. 

Floral Print Purple Maxi Dress

As the name suggests, the “floral dreams” purple dress from Judith March is something out of a dream (or maybe out of your fave music festival; is there a difference?). First of all, we’re OBSESSED with the color. It’s this totally whimsical purple color that should be an essential in every baddie’s wardrobe. 

On top of that, it has a kaleidoscopic bird and flowers print stamped across the fabric. You’ll be feeling like a total free spirit. We also love that you can get the perfect fit using the adjustable tie straps which trouble as a style feature. We’re rocking this at Coachella, the farmer’s market, Shakespeare in the park literally anywhere we can get the grass in our toes and the sun on our skin. 

Casual Silky Cami Dress

This dress by Donni honestly gives off such an effortless slay vibe. With this dress, you don’t need a ton of accessories or even a full face of makeup to look PUR-FECT. Just slip on the monochrome black or tan dress, and you’re ready to go. It’s comfortable, relaxed, flattering, and super high-quality. (DUH! It’s American-made right in Los Angeles!) 

If you want to elevate it, simple gold jewelry, a cardigan, and sandals go a long way. You’ll still look effortless but totally balanced and chic, too. You’ll be grabbing this one over and over again! 

The Slinky Caftan 

Ripley Rader is like #goals when it comes to a made-in-the-USA clothing brand. Of course, everything is made in America (Los Angeles, to be specific), but all her stuff is ethically made, chic, versatile, and comfortable AF. This caftan perfectly represents that! 

It’s got this Greek-goddess-like silhouette, which makes the dress look luxurious and powerful. Plus, the slinky fabric adds all this amazing movement to the dress and makes it feel SO cozy, like wearing a big blanket. When do you wear this dress??? Well, whenever you want, but we love it for beachy vacations, outdoor party hosting, and day-to-day lounging. Yes, it can actually do it all!

White Linen Dress 

For your summer to be memorable, you need an amazing outfit that works its magic ALL SUMMER LONG. A good fit honestly heightens an experience. So believe us when we say with THIS white linen dress, your summers are about to be wayyyy more exciting.

The dress has an elastic neckline that makes it sooo easy to wear and a ruched design that makes it a bit more playful. You can totally rock the dress as it is, however, if you want to elevate the dress, you can accessorize by throwing on a floppy hat! SWOON! What we REALLY love about this dress is you can also dress it up for a perfect night out. GNO, plz! Versatile indeed! 

Floral Cutout Dress

The Audrey Dress in Aster screams glamor. Wear this to any upscale event, and you’ll get sick of the amount of compliments you’ll receive. The dress is adorned with an ultra-vibey purple and black floral pattern and cut-out sides that show just the right amount of skin. Ooo la la.

Honestly, if we were to pick a dress to wear to an event–like a fancy dinner on the town, an influencer launch, or even a wedding–it would be this one. Resa Clothing always gets it right!

Stylish Dresses Made in the USA

Must-Have Midi Dresses

Pink Strapless Midi-Dress

We strongly believe that every woman needs a HOT strapless dress. Why not? And a PINK, oh-so soft silk one with a sexy back slit at that! Hello, Barbie! Strapless dresses are timeless, classy, and chic. It’s a perfect combination if you ask us. This dress looks gorgeous as it is. Need we say more?

Blue Midi Dress with Puff Sleeves 

If there’s any midi dress you should add to your collection, it’s THIS one. Who says you can’t be a bad b and still serve coquette fits? There’s just something so fairytale-like about this dress.The puff sleeves and blue color it’s giving Cinderella all day. 

This dress is perfect for a cutsie little picnic with friends or family, brunch, a casual beach wedding or, yes, even a GNO. You’ll have folks dying to know where you got your dress!

Tie Front Long Sleeve Dress

Sweater dresses are a BIG YES for us. Why? Because sweater dresses can take you directly from work to GNO. They’re basically a one stop shop ( or should we say one stop dress ) that can take you from morning to night and back again. ;)) 

This dress by Nordstrom is ribbed and has a waist belt that does wonders for the silhouette. You can wear a trench coat and a scarf for a perfect fall outfit or pair them with heels for an easy night out. Whatever you choose, we’re sure you’ll look great babes!

quality dresses made in usa

The ONLY Mini Dresses You Need

Cotton T-Shirt Dress

We can all agree that a t-shirt will always be timeless, not just in women’s clothing but in fashion in general. The Margo Cotton T-Shirt Dress takes a spin on the classic t-shirt we all know, resulting in a mini t-shirt dress. Uhm, yes please! 

Baddies, this might look plain, but there are so many things that you can do when it comes to styling. You can wear leggings, boots, a denim jacket, and a baseball cap. Or, sneakers & an oversized cardigan…You see the vision now, don’t you? Oh–and another way you can style it is by throwing on a leather jacket, fishnet leggings, and a pair of knee-high boots. The options are endless!

Hoodie Dress

Who doesn’t love hoodies? They’re comfortable, keep you warm, and are a perfect casual fit. Bonus points if they’re from your boyfriend’s closet! ;)) This Hoodie Dress from American Giant has all the elements of a classic hoodie but in the form of a mini dress. Honestly, babes, what’s not to love here?

American Giant is a San Francisco clothing brand that produces high-quality clothing and if you know us, you know we LOVE American brands. Throw on this dress, and you’ll be cozy and casual on every day of errands to come! Grocery store? Check. Target run? Check. Hair appointment? Bookstore? Casual brunch? Check check check!

Organic Cotton Active Mini Dress

Roll call–sporty spice in the building! A pair of leggings and a tank top are NOT your only options when you want to hit the gym. Sometimes, you’ve got to mix it up and wear an outfit that makes you more motivated to meet your workout goals… and your gym crush! And baddies, the Willa organic cotton active mini dress from Lezat may be just what you need!

What we LOVE most about this dress is the fact that it has built-in shorts! BUILT. IN. SHORTS. There goes your worries of accidentally flashing someone. And the best part is, this dress is not just for tennis or hitting the gym. You can EASILY wear it as a trendy casual fit. We LIVE for a versatile dress.

Pink Foral Dotted Dress

Thank you, Luck in the Sky, for this dream of a dress. Here are the deets: Lucy in the Sky is a Los Angeles brand with a reputation for creating stunning dresses. They saw YET ANOTHER opportunity to leave us speechless and designed this dress–and WOW! 

This dress has spaghetti straps and a corset that will make sure your waist looks SNATCHED! Honestly, it’s the perfect dress for a fancy night out, a sexy date night, or a whimsical brunch or bridal shower. There are many fantastic color options for you to choose from. Which one are you snagging?

Black Vegan Leather Dress

When we say this black vegan leather dress ATE and left no crumbs, we mean it! The dress is designed like a t-shirt but is made of vegan leather. Trust us, no one will be able to tell that it’s vegan leather. And who cares if they did!?!?!

The options are endless when it comes to styling this t-shirt dress. You could add a pair of knee-high boots to show everyone what a badass you are or a pair of sneakers if you are going for something a bit more casual. It’s all up to you and the occasion!

Sequin Tank Dress

Judith March is a brand that is #goals. They have proven time and time again they are totally capable of combining vibrant colors and unique patterns. We LOVE a dress that has Boho chic vibes and babes, we’re sure you will, too! 

You may think tank dresses are boring af, but hear us out, baddies. This tank dress is anything but boring. The tank dress features a sun ray design, so you’ll shine brighter than a star anytime you wear it. Get ready to see those heads turn as you serve in this dress!

 You deserve not just stylish but high-quality dresses.

It’s not enough to buy a dress that’s pleasing to the eye. You also need a dress that’s high quality and made from the best of the best–that is fabrics, designers, and everything else involved in its creation!

Lucky for you, we have curated a list of the creme de la creme dresses that are American-made and ready for you to snatch up. Need more style inspo? See you in THE SHOP!

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